Mrs Kakoli Gupta, Kakurgacachi, Kolkata

I still remember the cloudy evening. We were sitting in the cardio OPD in Apollo Chennai for my father in law’s routine check up. We were depressed. Just a day before we had consulted the gynaecology opd for my excessive menstrual flow. They found on USG two big fibroids(tumour) in my uterus. But because of my concern of having two previous cesareans, I wanted to opt in for laparoscopic approach for the surgical removal of the tumours keeping the uterus intact. But they advised us to go for open surgery which made us morose. When we were sitting in the Cardio OPD, we started talking with one patient also from Kolkata and had come for a cardiological consultation and told us to consult Dr. Barun Chakraborti for the micro surgery.

After coming back in Kolkata, we consulted Dr. Chakraborti. With a calm and reassuring voice he told us that the procedure could be done with micro surgery. I underwent the Surgery, for which I got admitted in the morning, was operated on later in the day, was allowed to have complete normal diet in the afternoon and was allowed to walk normally from that very evening. I was discharged the next day and was requested to refrain from taking any rest. I went back to my school 3 days after. The confidence that echoed in the voice and behaviour of Dr. Chakraborti completely relieved me of my anxiety and I was really thankful to that lady who told me about my doctor.