Fastest Laparoscopic Procedures:

In this modern era of practice we should keep in our mind that operative time is important but never at the cost of safety of the patient’s outcome.

If the surgery can be done fast if has some golden benefits like less exposure of anesthetic medications, less expense, early recovery, coming back more easily to normal work and finally and very importantly less loss of working days.

Generally for diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy the operative time ranges between ten and fifteen minutes. Patient is discharged after three to four hours.

For operations like hysterectomy, myomectomy or adhesiolysis especially for endometriosis the operative time is to the tune of forty to forty-five minutes. Patient is discharged the day after the surgery.

For operations of ovarian cysts we have the thing done in twenty to twenty five minutes, and discharge on the same day.

One very important thing is that we keep recordings of all operative endoscopic operations to have a check on it afterwards if any unforeseen complications happen.