Laparoscopic Fertility Promoting Surgery:

A significant number of women experience infertility due to surgically correctable causes. Most cases are a result of endometriosis and/or adhesions (scar tissue) from previous surgery or pelvic infection. Endometriosis and adhesions cause distortion and blockage of the fallopian tubes, thus causing infertility. Laparoscopic fertility promoting surgery tries to unblock, release and restore normal anatomy of the fallopian tube.

Laparoscopic fertility promoting procedures:

  • Adhesiolysis: This procedure involves excising and burning all of the endometriosis or adhesions (scar tissue) involved. It tries to restores normal relationship and function of the fallopian tube to the other reproductive organs.
  • Fimbrioplasty: Adhesions sometimes involve the most distal end of the fallopian tube or fimbriae. This procedure removes these adhesions allowing the fimbriae to function properly.
  • Salpingostomy: When the fallopian tube is completely blocked this procedure creates a new opening for its proper function.
  • Tubotubal Anastomosis: This procedure is more commonly known as tubal reversal. It is usually performed on patients with a prior tubal ligation. It is also used in patients who have tubal blockage. The blocked portion of the fallopian tube is excised and then the tube is reattached.

In some cases we have to do ovarian cyst operation, endometriosis intervention, myomectomy like different procedures along with the so called adhesiolysis and other interventions mentioned above to fetch the best outcome for pregnancy.