Banashree Gupta, Kolkata

What an amazing experience! God, how nice you have created such a doctor,a good human being like my Dr Barun Chakraborty.

I was sufferring from subfertility for long 8 years,tried many renowned hands. One colleague of mine gave ma the no. of my,God Dr Barun. You will never feel that you come for a medical consultation. With his smiling attitude and smooth voice he tackled me,went through all previous documents,right from we what I had from CMC Vellore. Advised for a laparoscopic myomectomy(removal of fibroid),endometriosis intervention laparoscopically,hysteroscopy,chromopertubation(dye test,commonly called to see patency of the fallopian tubes).We were mesmerized with his attention. Went with the surgery.He suggested to go in for IVF. We did not think twice. With IVF I had twin. For the whole of the pregnancy period it was probabaly one of the best phase of my life.All the time he was available over phone. Finally c-section was performed. Had my long cherished family with a son and a daughter.

Cannot enumerate his positive sides,only thing I want to percolate is, a doctor should be like him,passionate,caring,affordable,……

God bless him with a long active life so that many people can get benifitted.