Special thanks to Dr. Barun Chakraborti for giving all the supports throughout my pregnancy period and help for the hassle free birth of my baby boy. Every time he responded to the phone calls and gave me necessary guidance. I had an emergency on the 37th week of my pregnancy. I called him at 3.30 am. He picked up the call and suggested me to admit to the hospital and he did my operation immediately. Though it was not a planned operation, but the whole procedure was done by him so smoothly that I did not feel that it was an emergency. After delivery, he is still providing me post pregnancy supports. He is very friendly to his patients. I did not have any problem during my post pregnancy period. I was able to do all the household works immediately after my discharge from the hospital and it was his guarantee that nothing would happen to me. Thank you Barun Chakraborti sir for supporting me through out my entire motherhood journey.

Thanks and regards
Subhojit & Sayantani

Sayantani Mitra Podder

n August 2023, we had our first child under the supervision of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. Being treated by Dr. Chakraborty during my pregnancy journey has been a great experience. It was a C-section. The entire procedure took hardly twenty minutes. Barun sir is very good in C-section. It was completely hassle free. I was allowed to have a normal diet four hours after the C-section. I was even walking on the same day. It was completely painless and within a week I started to feel completely normal.

We have really enjoyed our pregnancy journey because of barun sir. He was always available through whatsapp. The main part was that there were no restrictions during pregnancy. Being a teacher it was very much difficult for me to take full rest in the pregnancy period, but I was very much fortunate to have chosen him as a gynaecologist and obstetrician who never asked me to take rest from my duty rather encourage me all the time.

I strongly recommend Dr. Barun Chakraborty for the following reason.

1. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is an excellent gynaecologist and obstetrician. I would say he is one of the leading gynaecologists and obstetricians in West Bengal.

2. He is very knowledgeable and updated with the latest medical treatment.

3. His patient is always treated with a positive attitude by him.

4. He has an amazing communication skill to explain everything to his patient.

5. He is very passionate and dedicated about his job.

6. He is very caring for his patient.

Thanks and regards. We wish you the best of health and happiness in your life. May God fulfill all your dreams.

We want to express our gratitude to Bratati madam for being present in the operating room during delivery.

Sayantika Haldar and Swarup Panda (IIT Kharagpur)

Hi Doctor,

I was having tumor in uterus. We consulted local doctor,he suggested for open surgery.But we wanted to consult another doctor.Then one of our close relative referred you. From the day of appointment till now we are really pleased with your generosity and humbleness. You performed TLH with care and I am totally fit now.I am highly obliged to you for the advanced treatment.
Thanks a lot Dr Barun Chakraborty

Jayeeta Barat

Doctor Barun Chakraborty did my TLH BSO surgery in such a way that within a week I was feeling as if I am back to normal life! This is a magical experience for me. In Kolkata, past experience of my relative helped me to decide that if I go for surgery it would be Dr Barun Chakraborty. At first we were sceptical about going for the surgery but the doctor’s behaviour and explanation of the topic instilled confidence into us and we decided to go for the surgery by Dr Barun Chakraborty. His behaviour is so amicable that I didn’t once hesitate to text or call him at odd hours whenever I felt a little uncomfortable and surprisingly he replied to my messages and when required he would tell me to call him. Doctor Chakraborty has great patience to listen to all foolish questions and once he speaks, you gain complete confidence on quick and smooth recovery.

My great reverence to Doctor!

Dipanwita De

Hello sir,

It’s been a great experience being treated by you during my pregnancy journey. No words to express my gratitude for your support all the time whensoever required and guidance on all aspects (big or small).
I would like to suggest everyone to get treated from Dr Barun Chakraborti if any Gynaecological assistance required.
Thank you so much sir, keep up your good work and may God bless you & your family.


Joyshree Dutta

Dr Barun chakraborty is a very good doctor. He is so skilled and caring for his patients that I got my operation done without any fear (Hysterectomy laproscopy surgery). The main thing is that he protacts his patients from unnecessary testings, medicines and hospital expenses. I want to give special thanks to doctor. Thank you so much doctor 🙏.

Prachi singhal

There are a few doctors who instills a great sense of confidence in the patient during the very first interaction. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is surely one of them. His invaluable advice helped us to tide over the medical condition of my wife. I express my deepest gratitude and regards to him and his able team members for the smooth surgical procedure that was carried out on her. His advice to lead a normal life within a few days of the operation was something new to us but was hugely beneficial for my wife to return to normalcy. Moreover unlike many other doctors, Dr. Chakraborty is accessible over the phone always and has immense patience to explain the medical intricacies in a threadbare manner. God bless him.

Mahuya Dasgupta and Siddhartha Dasgupta

I don’t have enough words to thank Dr.Barun Chakraborti.I had two big size fibroids along with multiple small in my uterus. I am a diabetic patient. Dr. Barun Chakraborti suggested to remove uterus through laproscopic hysterectomy surgery. When I heard about surgery , felt very very nervous. He explained my condition very easily and why I needed a surgery. His polite bahaviour and huge confidence took away my nervouseness.Within 15 days he did my laproscopic surgery , removed my uterus keeping ovaries intact.Within 4hrs of my surgery, I was able to stand and walk.Starting from pre operative stage till post surgery, he had guided me a lot to keep myself physically and mentally strong.He is such an expert in this area, because of him only I came back to normal life very quickly. Dr. Barun Chakraborti is a God to me, he gave me a new life.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs without any second thought.

Sheuli Das

I would rate Dr. Barun Chakraborty as the best gynaecologist in town. Apart from his expertise and professionalism, his brilliance is reflected in his positive attitude, charming and humble nature. The best part is that he ensures absolute painless recovery and briefest hospitalization. He is available 24×7 on Whatsapp for any guidance. He explains the disease and the procedure to the minutest details. I would very strongly recommend him for any gynaecological treatment. He is an amazing doctor.

Bhaswati Roy

In our first visit we were so impressed with the doctor that we thought we we’re lucky to meet with him. First impressions are the last impression. This proverb is actually proved by his way of treatment. My pregnancy journey was so amazing because of him. At each and every moment he supported me in such a way that only a thank you will not be enough. Before him I met with two renowned gynaecologist but they are not true doctors as him. After delivery we went his chambers along with my baby to thank him for this amazing experience. I walked by the help of nurses on the c section day because of him. He is very good at his job.

Lucy Haque

Thank you Dr. Barun Chakraborty sir. We really thank you for all the best guidance and proper treatments made for me.
I think you are the best gyane doctor here. you are very kind, very genuine, a good doctor with heart.

we have visited too many doctors but was really dissatisfied with the treatments. thanks to my naighbour who suggested about you.
I was facing too many problems related to gynae issues which you have sorted. it was you who have helped me by giving the best possible treatments and made my family very happy with a sweet cute and healthy baby.
we actually lost hope after the miscarriage, I think god actually comes in the form of doctors like you to made us happy.

Thank you so much sir, will pray allah always for your good health.

Shabana Parvin

We were undergoing treatment for infertility for 5 years under various doctors and on the verge of giving up hope of ever having our own child, we consulted Dr Barun Chakraborti. His positive attitude and immediate decision to conduct a hysteroscopy & laparoscopy helped us conceive immediately through IVF (under the treatment of another wonderful doctor, Dr Aindri Sanyal, as suggested by him). The pregnancy was quite complicated in the beginning due to bleeding issues but our doctors responded to the situation immediately and made sure that no harm came to the fetus. Dr Chakraborti skillfully guided us through the rest of the pregnancy period and although labour pains came on suddenly at the end of 7 months gestation, he performed C-section immediately and we met our baby boy without complications. The recovery period after surgery has also been quite painless. We thank him and his team of doctors for fulfilling our long held dream of becoming parents and seek his blessings for our baby boy.

Shreya & Soumava, Kolkata

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is an amazing Doctor, whatever I say about him may be less.
I was suffering from heavy bleeding from last 9 months, and had pain in my lower abdomen, Dr. Chakraborty suggested to operate it leaving the ovaries as they were harmless.My operation lasted for 45 minutes.Within 4 hrs of my operation I was able to walk and stand and go to the toilet all by myself. Such an excellent doctor he is and his skills and efficiency stand apart. Last but not the least I followed his instructions word by word and am fit and fine now.
I was diagnosed by bulky uterus, and due to my obesity many doctors said that they had to cut open but only Dr. Chakraborty confirmed it has to be a laproscopy nothing other than that.
May God Bless him and may he cures more and more of such patients.
Thank you sooo much Doctor.

Sreemoyee Mukherjee

My experience with doctor Barun Chakraborty is amazing and with his expert hands he operated me for my severe endometriosis and fibroid in uterus. I was initially very nervous about my health condition and the surgery.But I thank God for helping me to make the right decision to go to Dr. Barun Chakraborty and got my uterus removed under laproscopic hysterectomy surgery.The way he explained my condition and why I needed a surgery took away half of my nervousness. His sweet and humble nature is commendable. Within a month I took the decision for surgery and all through the journey he stood by me ,guided me and healed me physically as well as emotionally.From pre operative medical support to post operative guidelines and care is highly appreciated. The surgery went smoothly and I am back to normal life. Thanks to Dr.Barun Chakraborty for everything he did. He deserves more than this.He is just BRILLIANT. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs. Thank you my savior 🙏. God bless you in all aspects.

Rupa Roy Saltlake

My experience with Dr.Barun Chakraborty is amazing.I am 48 years old and was suffering from severe endometriosis and fibroid in uterus. After investigation he decided to go for laproscopic hysterectomy. The way he explained everything to me the pre and post operation conditions was commendable.Within a month my surgery date was fixed and I was able to wheel in OT with much less fear. He guided and protected me in all possible ways.
My operation was successful and back to normal life within few days as said by him. He is a savior to me . His charming smile and humble behavior took away my fear from surgery. Nevertheless his expert hands and experience brought me back to normal life . He is very approachable despite of his busy schedule.
Wish you all success in life . Thank you so much for everything.

Rupa Roy Saltlake

Our experience with Dr. Barun Chakraborty was extremely satisfactory. He is so approachable and humble that we didn’t find any difficulty in time of need. My mother, 63+, had an ovarian dermoid cyst measuring 10×9.5x7cm detected in early 2021. But she was afraid to go for open surgery. So in 2022 November we went to Dr. Barun Chakraborty and he suggested that laparoscopic operation can be done. On the day of operation situation became critical as she was diagnosed with COPD and sleep apnea with O2 saturation in blood was 38% and CO2 was 58% although pH was absolute neutral. So Our doctor quickly guided us to shift to Manipal hospital Kolkata and with local anaesthetia he operated my mother. After interacting with him,my mother also had generated immense faith in him and was not afraid to go for open surgery as laparoscopic operation was not suitable for her. And then after 3 days she was released and recovered. We don’t have words to express our gratitude. He is a gem of a person. Thank you Doctor.

Arka Prabha De

DR Barun Chakraborti is an amazing doctor. His subject matter knowledge & the confidence he can provide to the patient & relatives is unparallel. I gone through laproscopic hysterectomy in the last month only. the recovery is so fast & it is exactly the same what actually spoken before operation. The last but not the least is the behaviour, response to any call or whatsapp any time is so quick , generally it is very rare amongst the other doctors due to their busy schedule . Wish you all the best DR.

Arpita Kundu

We had our baby’s birth on 10 January 2023. The way Dr. Barun had cared and guided us during this pregnancy journey is great. He always takes phone calls and extends support. My wife had an emergency and I called the doctor at 12 in the night, he attended the call, advised us and came and got the operation done early morning. So thankful to him for such a smooth experience of our baby’s birth. Best regards and our sincere gratitude to Dr. Barun Chakraborty.

Paramita Roy Gupta & Abhishek Gupta

My wife ( Nilanajana) and I have been consulting Barun Sir for the last 2 years and were recently blessed with a Baby boy.
I would like to thank Barun Sir for his constant support and guidance.
This has been a long and difficult journey for me and my wife , but with your support and God’s grace, we are currently happy and proud parents. Also like to thanks Madam during the delivery.
Thanks again for bringing smile back on our faces and spreading happiness around the world.

Thanks and Regards
Rajjyoti and Nilanjana

Rajjyoti Adhikary

Dear Dr.Barun Chakraborty
We are thankfull to you for bringing a ray of hope in our life at a time when we were clueless.Firstly you have identified the problem and secondly you have provided the solution for treatment of infertility.If not for you, for having identified the problem,the treatment of infertility would not have been successful.Once again we thank you for showing the right path and the ultimate result of the birth of our daughter.

Sanchita Roy Barui,Kalyani

I am from Kolkata, Tollygunge. I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty from my sister. I heard about his exceptional skills and miraculous recovery period post operation. He performed hysterectomy on me and unbelievably I recovered fully in three days. Recovery means back to total normal life. Moreover he was contactable through out the process unlike many other doctors and always explained every steps in details meticulously.
I would like to convey my gratitude for such treatment.
Thanks Doctor and GOD.

Sonita Maiti

We are blessed with our first baby in August 2022 under doctor Barun Chakraborty’s supervision.He gives us the confidence to remain calm and positive throughout this long 39 weeks.In between this period around 4 months,I was out of my country due to some job urgency but due diligence services of Doctor Barun Chakraborty , this period went so smooth that my wife alone was handled this phase with confidence.
Doctor Barun Chakraborty is very good gynaecologist and his cesarean operation hand is so good that you can believe him with your close eyes.

The compassion with which he treat my wife is more effective than any medicine.
Going through childbirth is a mix of immense pain followed by immense happiness. In this journey, the presence of a wonderful doctor is simply priceless.
Thanks, doctor, for comforting us and taking away of all my stresses. It was a very long and painful labor, but you handled it with loving expertise.

Thanks and regards,
Susanta & Jhilik

Susanta Chakraborty

Dear Dr. Barun Chakraborty,

My mother Ruby Dasgupta was under your treatment. We express our heartiest thank to you for the way you grew confidence to my mother and my family. Your nice behavior made us feel that we are your family. You are always reachable at the time of emergency. We are blessed that you are our doctor. We have great confidence in you and your abilities. Thank you so much for the great care and excellent surgery you performed on my mother.

With best regards,

Runa Dasgupta

I had a huge ovarian cyst with severe endometriosis. Most of the doctors said laproscopy might not be possible for the huge one and then I met Barun Sir. We were just amazed by his efficiency. He did my surgery and I am fit enough to go home on the very next day. He also protected us from the additional hospital charges. He is so humble so skilled and confident that we did not had a second thought and went for surgery within a week. He also said “don’t refrain from your daily activities because you had a surgery.. eat normal.. live your daily routine”. The coolest doctor we have ever seen. Thank you Sir.

Suparna and Snehasis chakraborty

Suparna Sinha

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is very confident doctor and explains all important information regarding the surgery in a simple yet detailed way, helping the patient to avoid feeling any unnecessary anxiety regarding the procedure. We were previously informed that the recovery period for a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is about 4-6 weeks. However, personally, after having the surgery, normal day-to-day activities could be resumed within 2 days. Very good doctor.

Anindita Sarkar

We had our first baby in June’22 under doctor Barun Chakraborty.One of our common friend referred him back in Nov’21 and since then we are under his supervision during the whole tenure of 37 weeks of pregnant. We are very fortunate to have our baby under his expertise and supervision. He is a very positive human being and at the same time very down-to-earth,friendly and approachable.He used to clearly explain topics and most importantly we never felt uncomfortable at any point of time from our first visit till the time delivery inside the OT.

We would like to thank him whole- heartedly and at the same time would like to highly recommended him to anyone who is in need for a reliable gynaecologist who can be trusted end to end.

Aniket & Chirasmita

Aniket & Chirasmita Gupta

After 7 years of fighting a war between me and my uterus, I was very fortunate to have seen Dr. Barun Chakraborty for my final laparoscopic hysterectomy journey.
On my initial visit he was incredibly thorough and detailed and I felt so confident about the final decision making process. He talked me through everything in a way that I could understand and even diagrammatically explained things which made it easier for me to understand.
Dr. Chakraborty is the prefect combination of warm and professional which as a patient I greatly appreciated throughout all of my follow up visits.
It’s hard to express how happy I am with my outcome and now have my life back again!
This reinforced my feeling that I had selected the right doctor for this procedure. The recovery has been swift, without incident, and I am feeling my active self again.
Thank you once again!


I came to know about Dr. Chakraborti from one of my nieces who had earlier been his patient. She assured me that Dr. Chakraborti is a doctor who has expertise in dealing with critical cases.

Learning from her about Dr. Chakraborti, I consulted him on the very next day. As a person, his behavior was very courteous all throughout. And as a doctor, he examined me thoroughly and came to the conclusion that “hysterectomy” had to be carried out on me as early as possible. He was kind enough to explain me about my ailment and even provided the detailed explanation of the laparoscopic surgery going to be performed.

After surgery, I had not faced any grave problem during the convalescing period.

I strongly feel that he is definitely an expert doctor in his field and also cares to maintain a healthy patient-physician relationship.

I pray to God to keep him in good health so that he can continue to serve humanity as he had been doing.

I offer my deepest gratitude to him.

With thanks and regards to him

Rubai Saha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Jadavpur University

I would like to share my experience and thoughts. I was referred to Dr. Barun chakraborty for my surgery( Laparoscopic). It was my first surgery.So my family was worried about it.But he explained all so nicely that made us confident. He did the operation successfully.
He is one of the best doctor and He responded to all my queries immediately over phone. He was very supportive.Thank you ,Sir.

Gita Das

These words are very few to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Barun Chakraborty who treated me from my prenatal visit to delivering our baby. He made my pregnancy journey very smooth without any tension. Being a scientific professional it was very much difficult for me to take full rest in the pregnancy period but I was very much fortunate that we have opted him as the gynaecologist who never asks me to take rest from my duty rather encourage me all the time. He is very much confident, prudent and skilled doctor who also thinks about the post effect of the treatment. We are very much thankful to him for his entire cooperation & support throughout the journey. For us, when there were tears, he was a shoulder, when there was pain, he was medicine, when there was tragedy, he was the hope.
Thanks& Regards,

Soumita Mukhopadhyay & Shibapratim Bagchi

Soumita Mukhopadhyay

Dr.Barun Chakroborti is God for me.
For him today my daughter is in my lap. When I lost every hope of being a mother…Dr Barun Chakroborti came as an angel in my life and assure me that I too can be a mother. He is very much caring and polite in nature. His gentle nature and strong support help me to gain confidence. At any time of a day he is their fir his patient. He treats his patients as his own family. In my opinion he is one of the best Gynecologist.
I will always recommend him.
Thankyou for everything Sir.
I will always be greatful to you…for what you have given me.
God Bless You Sir….and Thankyou so much again.

Somreeta Bhattacharjee, Kolkata

We don’t have words enough to thank Dr.Barun Chakraborty. After a terrible miscarriage in the past we consider ourselves blessed to have the great fortune of getting in touch with Dr Chakraborty. His way of treatment, guidance during the total term of pregnancy was amazing.To top it all was his sober and polite behaviour. We got to see his magic in the final day , the day of delivery..i was in a critical state with BP shooting up and doctor advised to get admitted for check up and observation…but on that very night he decided to operate and within very less time i found i have become a mom to a healthy baby boy…we indeed are indebted to him and also to Bratati mam..

Sharmistha Mitra & Anirban Mitra

I had to change my gynaecologist on 29th week of my pregnancy & visited Dr Barun Chakraborty on the basis of suggestion of my sister-in-law. Before my first visit to him I was a bit sceptical as I was in my 3rd trimester and was suffering from gestational diabetes.But started liking his approach from the very 1st visit as he is an expert in spreading positivity among his patients. On 7th of January 2022 in the afternoon I gave birth to a little girl through c-section.The experience of the surgery as well as the recovery was so smooth that I can tell that he is magician..Dr and his team keeps the atmosphere of the O.T so relaxed that the patient won’t feel that something so major is going on..I went inside the O T and in the blink of an eye the whole procedure was complete and I was so contented seeing my child infront of my eyes. I was allowed to have normal food on the same day as well as I went to the washroom with the help of the nurse on the same day post operation (seeing this the other patients with whom I was sharing the room were being jealous).I was released from the hospital on 9th Jan morning.The mental strength that Dr Barun Chakraborty gives to his patients is really very praiseworthy.Thank you doc to you and your team for the wonderful experience of mine.
Sayantani Ray

Sayantani Ray

Dr Barun Chakraborty is the best gynecologist in Kolkata. It was my first child and best experience. I had no worry no fear. You had given support on ph during this, it was great. Without any issues I had my little angel. Thank you for all you have done.

Sarada Mondal and Sumit Chowdhury

Thank you very much Doctor Barun Chakraborty for such a satisfying treatment to make my all nine month journey period and the delivery very smooth and comfortable.I used to have frequent nausea and vomitting at the early stage of my pregnancy. I Could not eat enogh during that time. But those problems completely vanished and I got my normal appetite back when I started the medication provided by Dr Chakraborty.
We got all kind of support and valuable guidance through out my pregnancy period. I gained the required weight time to time.
Surgery was also very very smooth and there was no post surgery complication. I gave birth to a healthy baby of 3.220Kg. I was able to walk from the next morning. Stich mark got almost clear by 2 weeks. Thank you Doctor.

Dipannita Roy

Hello! Myself Nandini Bedajna. Recently on 22nd Nvember, 2021 I gave birth to a cute baby girl. In this beautiful sojourn of motherhood, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Barun Chakraborty. I had a difficult pregnancy. In my initial stage of pregnancy, I had Covid making my pregnancy a complicated one. The way my doctor (Dr. Barun Chakraborty) has handled my case and treated me was extremely praiseworthy. At some point of time during my pregnancy I started suffering from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). Under the circumstance, he advised me to follow a strict diet along with daily monitoring of blood sugar. He further advised me to take insulin injection and every bit of my health was monitored by him. My anomaly scan report was bit critical and I had to undergo with Shirodgar Stitch Surgery which was again done by him with utmost care. I also had problem of acute Piles and the pain and bleeding was unbearable but my doctor always encouraged me, treated me with all optimism always. Any emergency situation, I faced has always been responded by phone or Whats App. To me Dr. Barun Chakraborty is God personified. He is one of the most responsible, sound and caring doctors in the field of gynecology. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and highly recommend other to opt for him.

Nandini Bedajna & Suman Bedajna

My experience with Dr. Barun Chakraborty was amazing. I am so grateful to have him as my Obstetrician. Thanks to his guidance and treatment my pregnancy period was smooth and uneventful. He and his surgical team was very efficient and swift. The best part of his treatment modalities was early ambulation and very short hospitalization which helped me immensely during the post-op recovery period. Me and my husband are so thankful to him for this wonderful experience. We highly recommend him.
Thanks and regards,
Arpita Ghosh and Sougata Satpati.

Arpita Ghosh

Last year I had my c- section from Doctor Barun Chakraborty. It was a smooth and painless experience with him.
His methods of treatment is also very effective.

I highly recommend him as an excellent surgeon.

Sayantani Basu (Pune)

Dr. Barun Chakraborti was suggested to me by a friend. I was suffering from multiple fibroids. He is very cooperative and supportive doctor. He made me feel like a family member and gave me confidence to move forward with the operation. He did the operation very efficiently and I faced very less pain after the operation. I was perfectly fit within a week time. Thank you doctor for helping me to overcome this problem.

Pooja Jaiswal

Dr Barun chakraborty is blessing to mankind to me .After a prolonged suffering and treatment of more than 18 years he was the person who assured me of a painless healthy happy life.i am from capital city of India (Delhi) and was taking never ending treatments from best chain of doctors of country (Delhi Appolo ,B L Kapoor).But what I have experienced nobody was working for Humanity.
getting reference from a happy patient of him i flew to him and felt like more than a doctor .
Moreover from start to finish it was just magical . Bloodless, painless and motherly care surgery it was.
I am blessed to have come in contact with a doctor who is so exceptionally good in handling and treating his patients and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor for my procedure.
If you are planning to consult for any gynic issues i suggest you to go forward without any doubt.
Thanks and Regards -Dr Barun chakraborty

Sumita Roy

Our experience with Dr. Chakraborty was exceptional. Even though I started consulting him in my 20th week of pregnancy, he did a thorough recon of the earlier weeks and advised accordingly. He guided us excellently throughout the pregnancy, giving us requisite advise at the correct times. I had gestational diabetes which he helped overcome so that it didn’t affect my baby.
Regarding the surgery, it went off very smoothly and as per his advise I even started walking the very next morning. This helped me recover extremely quickly and get back to normal very soon after the surgery.
I am very happy with the whole experience and would recommend anyone of my acquaintance to him.

Nilanjana Sen & Santanu Karar

Experience with Dr Barun Chakraborty has been phenomenal, under his guidance and treatment we have been blessed with a baby boy. Dr Chakraborty is very confident, approachable, pro-active and positive.A very big THANKS to you and our best wishes. Regards.

Ishita and Shivayan Mukherjee

A bitter sweet moment of my life saying goodbye to Dr. Barun on 11 June 2021. I was battling PCOD for the past 11 years and was under his treatment. My highest weight recorded was 98.82kg. From 3 dieticians, swimming, yoga, morning walk, cycling, free hand exercises, nothing could bring my weight down. Dr. Barun’s advice on eating boiled vegetables and fruits came as a blessing for me. For the first time , the pointer on the weighing machine moved left. And here I am today at 70kg, after 1 year of following this diet. He has rightly showed that the word impossible is nothing but i am possible. Thank You Dr. Barun for gifting me a healthy, happy and fit life. 😀


Dr.Barun Chakraborty is a wonderful doctor. He is a very good human being and entire his team is very good. His C section feel like normal delivery. Same day you absolutely ok. I recommended all. Our family become his fan. Thank you sir.

Bandana Basu Bhowmick

Dr Chakraborty stood by us and gave us support and guided us throughout our journey towards bringing our child home. He not only gave us sound and world class medical advice but also hope and support during our very high risk pregnancy. He makes his patients feel very comfortable and optimistic. Also want to mention that I recovered from the C Section almost in no time. We wish you all the success and highly recommend him to anyone going through any gynecological treatments or surgery.

Tanaya & Arnab

Laproscopic hystrectomy


Papri Chowdhury papri.chowdhury306@gmail.com

May 7, 2021, 8:58 AM

to me

My experience at Bhagirathi Neotia Nursing home at New town was exceptional. From the first visit to your clinic you have been kind and empathetic to my condition . The way you explained how my surgery was going to be was wonderful. Most doctors do not discuss much with their patients. I am lucky that my colleague requested me to visit you. I could have such a painless surgery was beyond my imagination. Thank you so much

Papri chowdhury

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr. Barun Chakraborty, who treated my mother recently. My mom had prolapse uterus with cystocele and rectocele. She had undergone vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair. Given the pandemic, we could not visit India during her surgery. My dad had to deal with this whole process of getting the surgery set up and all the follow up check ups. We are very pleased with the whole team of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. My mom has recovered well and she is very satisfied. I am grateful to you for taking care my mother. Thank you so much.

Moi Ganguly

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is god to me. Only for him today I have got my daughter in my lap. After many obstacles, today I am able to become a mother only for his treatment. He is truly a very responsible doctor.
Whenever I called him he picked up the phone and gave me his answer in a nice way. He had done my c section so wonderfully that from the day one I was able to walk and to do all work. He is a very good human. Thank you sir for your wonderful treatment and as well as the mental support you have given to me as my pregnancy was very high risk pregnancy.

Somashree Dey

Dr Chakraborty treated my daughter-in-law and we received a beautiful baby son without any problem. Recently he carried out a Laparescopic Hysterectomy to my wife. In both the cases we were very happy with his professionalism and personal behavior. He is always available over phone and WA. We require this type doctor only in our socirty. May God bless him.

Mr Chandan Sengupta,Ex of UNICEF

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is like a god to me. Only for him today I have the opportunity to enjoy the best feeling in the world like being a mother. After seven long years of overcoming many obstacles, today I am able to become a mother only for his treatment. He is truly a very responsible doctor.
Whenever I call him day and night, he picks up the phone and gives me his answer in a nice way without being bothered. One important thing is that I was so scared of Caesar that it might be very painful. But believe me I didn’t realize I had Caesar. I did not have to endure any kind of pain
It’s as if the pain didn’t go away. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is a magician. He is truly the best doctor I have ever met. I pray to God that she may be well and healthy. May her treatment light up every woman’s lap in this way.

Rakhi Das

The feedback is little delayed, but it has been around a year that Dr. Barun Chakrabarty did my laparoscopic hysterectomy operation for multiple fibroids in my uterus . One of them was 9 cm. Surprisingly, my uterus along with the fibroids were removed by a single cut which was a big challenge for him. The surgery went so efficiently that I did not even have a feeling of such a major surgery after waking up the very next day. I am very much thankful to Dr. Chakrabarty and his team.
Suparna Biswas Goswami

Suparna Biswas Goswami

I really have very less words to convey my regards to a God like figure.. Dr Barun Chakraborty.. I was diagonised with a huge recurrent right ovarian cyst which was first operated by sir in the month of June 2019 and den unfortunately reccured again and my right ovary had to be removed in the month of June 2020.. when I was almost devasted and hopeless about conceiving that too normally ..Barun sir was the only person who supported me and insisted to try for pregnancy within 3months.. and so it happend in the month of september 2020 and I delivered a sweet little girl on 4th June 2021.. throughout my pregnancy his support and responsiveness is worth praising.. Its very rare to expect your docter to receive your call and give suggestions even at 4am..
Sir.. what you did for me was even beyoned my expectation..
Thank you for everything.. for being so friendly and helpfull at every time of my need..
Take my regards
Trisha Banik

Trisha Banik

“An amazing doctor is hard to find and impossible to forget”, yes Dr. B Chakraborti is one of them. A friend of mine recommended his name when i was suffering from an irregularity of menstrual cycle. Due to uterine fibroids sir had to perform my hysterectomy. I’m inundated by the overall experience and service. It is because of him I’m fit and fine today, his optimistic nature is more than enough to keep the patients healthy. I’m really grateful and blessed to meet him in the first place,and have him by our side in times of need.

Sabita Daw, Kolkata

“I am a Proud Mother”.This words made it to possible By Dr.Barun Chakroborty. A Father Like Figure To Me. A well guided teacher. Thank you sir for always being my side during my complication period.

Suparba Das

I came to know about Dr Barun Chakraborty from my Metenal Unty. He was really wanderful doctor. Before starting treatment with Dr Barun Chakraborty I contacted another doctor but their opinion was the same as Dr Varun Chakraborty. I decided to have the operation with Dr. Varun Chakraborty in Bhagirathi Neotia Newtown.(USG- big tumour).He advised me that the procedure could be done with micro surgery. I got admitted in the morning on 30.04.21 was operated and release tomorrow and allowed to have complete normal diet in the afternoon . I was discharged the next day -01.05.21. I would highly recommend him . At present I am now completely healthy and doing all the housework without any difficulty. There is no medicine now. Once again thanks to and with his team.

Indira Samanta Dan- Uttarpara

My husband and I live in Delhi but Kolkata is our hometown. I was pregnant. I became very sick when I was 19 weeks pregnant. My covid report came negative but my blood report was not good at all and showed symptoms of covid.
Unfortunately the foetus didn’t survive after that. It was then that my cousin suggested me to consult Dr.Barun Chakraborty. I did so. My husband and I decided to come to Kolkata for the foetus expulsion process since we couldn’t trust our doctor in Delhi. I called Dr.Barun Chakraborty and informed him about our decision to fly back to Kolkata and consult him. He was well aware about my risky condition. The night I reached Kolkata, the very next day he gave me an appointment and the procedure happened after that. He assured me and my family that my condition was stable after the procedure was over. He saved my life. My family and I feel indebted to him. The last time my husband and I met him for an appointment he said “Children like you two should stay healthy, this is all I want”. This really touched my heart. Not only is he a great doctor, he is also very patient and kind. Thank you doctor :). Regards.

Pallabi Ghosh

Thanks to Dr. Barun Chakraborty and his team. They made my pregnancy special. I was scared about the anaesthesia before C section But I feel nothing and it is done. It was 100% painless and hassle free OT.Highly recomendable.

Sreeparna Biswas Patra

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is God in disguise for us. We met him when I was in a very vulnerable situation. From our first visit he assured us everything is fine and his words actually made relieved. We were very scared as many told us I had a ovarian tumor which had malignancy. But from the moment we met him he guaranteed us there is no malignancy.i was terrified when I was entering the OT. But He calmed me down and the laparoscopic surgery was completed within an hour. He was confident that is was old blood clots and assumed about the no malignancy and within a day I was discharged from BNWCCC. I was confident. His words made me confident. My entire family, my 7 year old daughter, we all are blessed to have met him. He gifted me a new life. He is God for us. Thank you Sir. He is An amazing person and excellent Doctor whose first priority are his patients and making them mentally calm, excellent knowledge about his expertise. Blessed to have met him.
Thank u Sir.

Piyali and Abhijit Mozumder

I am short of words for Dr. Chakraborty. He is gem of a person & doctor. I have never in my life come across any doctor who explains even the minutest details to the patient & family. When all the doctors I consulted had clearly told me that lap myomectomy is not possible in my wife’s case, he was the only doctor who not only gave us the confidence that it is possible but he actually performed it successfully. My wife, myself & our family express our sincere gratitude for him.

Siddharth Hansaria

Dear Doctor, I am overwhelmed with your overall process of treatment and delivery of twin babies at the end. You delicately handled the matter so easily, that I did not get tensed through out my pregnancy time and followed all your instructions to finally get healthy baby boy and baby girl. Thank you so much for your support. Thanks & best regards,

Anindita Sen

An outstanding doctor and a thorough gentleman. It’s because of you Sir that my beloved wife is alive today. We will be forever grateful to you. The way you took care of my wife during the hard times can never be expressed in words. Whenever I have asked for assistance you have helped, never once you felt disturbed. And it’s because of you only that today we are a complete family of four. Thank you Sir for everything and for gifting my wife a second life.


I was under the treatment ang guidance of Dr. Chakraborty since the beginning of my pregnancy period. I was able to give birth to a baby boy on the 9 of July 2020
I and my husband want to express our deepest gratitude to him for being the our guide and light in bringing this little bundle of joy into our lives. His brilliance is reflected in his attitude and way of treatment which is a result of years of experience. He makes his patients feel utmost comfortable..
Please accept our deep regards.
Bless our child so that he can atleast be as good a human being as you are.
-Swagata and Kaushik

Swagata Chatterjee

Dear Doctor, my heartfelt gratitude to you for your support and guidance. I am really blessed to gain a second life under your treatment.I was fit and fine within five days of the surgery to go for a scheduled trip. Words fall short to describe the way you boost up the confidence of your patient. You are always approachable and that truly defines the Patient -Doctor relationship . Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Indrani Banerjee

Barun sir is very humble,approachable and professional doctor. I have been consulting him from the begining of my pregnancy. His tremendous knowledge and way of consultation I saw in dealing my pregnancy has helped me to enjoy this beautiful phase of my life without any difficulty/complications.The best thing about him is that he is always available on call whenever there is an issue of concern. I am blessed with a healthy baby boy under his guidance. We are very thankful to him.

Mrs Debasmita Bairagi,Newtown,Kolkata

Today one year of my operation has completed successfully . I was operated by Dr. Barun Chakraborty . Now I am completely fine and fine enough to lead a healthy and normal life in my native state of Tripura. To me Dr. Chakraborty is the messenger of God. He not only cured me but also helped me to relieve myself from frustration. I was just taken away by his mode of treatment and heavenly behaviour. And I will be thankful to him for whole of my life. I wish a long life of him. Again thanks a lot for your kind behaviour and mode of treatment.

With regards

July Chakraborty

Sir has gifted me and my husband with a very big promotion. Promotion of parenthood. Probably the best feeling in our lives. Thank u sir.. Being part of the same fraternity I have learnt so much from you in these 9 months.. your way of treatment and procedures are far way different and much more smarter from the same old classical procedures.. moreover your way of patient counselling and management is just something to be applauded of.
Thank you again sir,
Very best wishes,
Dr. Prapti Mitra, Dr.Amit Nandi

Dr. Prapti Mitra

I would like to thank Dr. Barun Chakraborty for his great treatment and gentle behaviour. He is one of the best gynaecologist In India.I had an ovarian cyst (954 CC) and a tumor in uterus. Now I am 55years old, so Sir decided to remove the total system by laparoscopy. After that Sir very carefully removed my cyst & tumor (with uterus)by laparoscopy in Divine Nurshinghome. I walked slowly from day 1. From day 6 I felt fit & fine from and came back to my normal life. From my side a big thank and best wishes to Dr. Barun Chakraborty.

Putul Bera, Howrah

I was under treatment from Dr. Barun Chakraborty for TLH for ovarian cyst. I had to travel from Kharagpur for the same. Dr Chakraborty and his team did a wonderful job during the treatment, and ensured that each of my visits was fully utilised for my treatment. Doctor himself explained the entire diagnosis and treatment very clearly to me, making me feel absolutely comfortable before undergoing surgery. Within a day of the surgery I started to feel improvement and within a week’s time I was already doing all kinds of work at home. Dr. Chakraborty is the best gynecologist I know, and I shall recommend any of my friends, relatives and people I know to visit him for any concerns.

Reena Mukherjee

For me, Sir is one of the best Doctor in my life…”Doctor is just next to God”.. Undoubtedly I realized this line about Dr. Barun Chakroborty for last 9 months of my pregnancy. He is the only one person who knew all my difficulties of multiple fibroids from the 1st visit with him. But never gave me any feelings of fear or anxiety till my delivery date.He always adviced me for complete normal life with all extracts of enjoyment but obviously safely. I never felt any problems due to my fibroids where as it was too much difficult to carry the pregnancy for long time.But just due to Sir it was possible easily and now I am proud to be a mother of my sweet baby son.I always kept immense faith and believe on him without any hesitation. So Sir is nothing but “God” for me and my husband….Sir, we are always grateful to you….May God bless you and your family….

Sayanti Banerjee

Dear sir,

We are privileged to be blessed with our baby boy under your treatment & guidance.

Best wishes!!


Shreya Bharadwaj & Debashis Sengupta, Shyamnagar

Our experience with Dr Barun Chakraborty is excellent. We had a wonderful journey with the proper guidance from him for the 9 months and finally was blessed with the most precious gift of our life. Under his treatment and advice, my wife enjoyed her pregnancy period. We are really grateful to you for the smooth journey to became parent. God bless you and your family!!!

Aritra Bose

We are very much thankful to God to get a doctor like you. I had undergone a laparoscopic hysterectomy operation on 6th of August 2019 under you.The process of recovery was very fast under your treatment. Even at night and on Sundays you have attended patiently to our calls to solve our queries. Thank you so much.

Dipanwita Banerjee

I am Sonali Maiti , wife of Jhantu Kumar Maiti. Recently I had an operation of Tumor under Dr. Barun Chakraborty. He is a very nice doctor. He speaks nicely. Every time he picked up my phone and answered all my queries politely. His behaviour is also very gentle and touched to my heart. Conduct of all members of Divine Nursing Home is also very good. Honorable Dr. Barun Chakraborty is the best doctor in my life. I am very happy to meet with the doctor and took the operation under his advice, guidance and treatment.
Sonali Maiti ( Wife of Jhantu Kumar Maiti)


We are passed through a wonderful journey of 9 months with guidance of Dr Barun Chakrabarti.We got the most precious gift of our life through his systematic,modern & hastle free guidance.He is not helm over knowledge of his domain Moreover he is a nice human being. Even after baby birth also he guided so well that my wife recovered sooner than expected. We must say two things about him,at any point of time whenever we contact him he responds,his startorial sense is really commendable. A big thanks to Dr Barun Chakrabarti.We wish good luck for his future endeavours.


Mamita Pal & Siddhartha Pal

Mamita Pal & Siddhartha Pal

We came from Telco , Jamshedpur for my wife’s treatment ( Sudipa Mukherjee ). I found the doctor to be extremely confident of his abilities in advanced laproscopic techniques (TLH ) . He is very accessible , caring and friendly and didn’t allow the fear & mental trauma of the patient to creep in. The doctor also protects the patient from unwanted hospital expenses. The treatment and the surgery went very well and we are very satisfied. We shall definitely refer his name to our friends & relatives. We wish him all the success in his life and career.

Arup Mukherjee

He is very helpful and kind.He always received my call and very cooperative.Igot great treatment from him.I sincerely recommend him.Thank you doctor barun chakraborty.

suchandana pal.

I’m a 2nd generation patient of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. Previously my Mom was his patient. She underwent a hysterectomy done by him on 9th Oct 1999. He did it then with such expertise n skillful hands that made us flabaghasted. I too had ovarian fibroids. But with his treatment I underwent a complete hurdleless n clean process of pregnancy n delivering in his miraculous treatment. In fact, he was the one who never let me down n motivated me to be Mother of a child on 1st May 2015,in spite of all health complications n health problems. He is a magician in the guise of a doctor. The best part is never ever confuses or scares his patients. Instead he holds their hands n enlightens the right path, which means he is not just an excellent doctor but also a good human being. He never forced his medical decision but always comes up with exploring new techniques n gives the patient full liberty to decide. He is an extreme believer of new treatment techniques n is always updated with it. Shortly I underwent hysterectomy operation n the magician was present with all his magic. The biggest USP of the doctor is his words. He speaks wonderfully n doesn’t feel tired to answer the stupidest question of his patients. Neither is he a blunt blurred speaker but rather has an extreme good sense of wit n humour. All I can say Doctor that the vocabulary of words are really small to describe your magical treatment. Thank you for all ur help

Laboni De Bhaumik Bhattacharya

Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot for our priceless gift that you have delivered. It has been quite a painless and eased journey throughout pregnancy. It was an wonderful experience with you. Your ways and techniques worked like magic, indeed. Ever after delivery the mechanical methods of recovery was painless and hassle free. Thanks a lot for everything. All together it was a lovely experience.

Moumita Bhattacharjee, Kolkata

One of the best Docter from Kolkata, With whom one can discuss their gynecological problems and get the best solutions for that. He is the most confident docter when it comes to surgery and he performs that with proper care. He is one of a very friendly and very well behaved docter He is like God to me.

Amrita Bhattacharjya

I never knew that I was carrying a huge right ovarian cyst of about 30cm,containing near about 10 liters of fluid in it until one day I met Dr Barun Chakraborty. Initially after knowing I was a bit tensed and worried when he said that it need to be surged and immediately removed, but the way sir handled the situation and removed my cyst via laproscopy, didn’t even make me realise that I overcame such a situation with such ease. Hats off to his service and his post operative treatment. He is a true saviour of his kind.

Trisha Banik

Trisha Banik

I was suffering from intense pelvic pain for more than three years but did not know what caused it. Then I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and endometreosis in uterus. I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborti from my cousin who is also a paediatrician. Dr Barun Chakraborty is a specialist in gynaecology and advanced laproscopic surgery. My case was quite critical but Doctor Chakraborti had successfully operated me on 22nd May, 2019 and within a week I was perfectly alright since the operation was done by laparoscopy. I did not experience any severe pain. He is one of the finest doctors I have seen. I would highly recommend him.

Indrani Datta

I am very happy to share my most satisfying experience gone so far in my life. From last few months i am suffering from heavy urine infection and other gynecological deases. After that from my sister I came to know that about Dr. Barun Chakraborty and consulted him I did not have much good experiences with the treatment received from other doctors visited so far in Dhanbad & Purulia as I am staying in Purulia. But this time my view was completely different. From the very beginning , DR Chakraborty made me feel perfectly comfortable though I had to visit him. I was diagnosed with bulky uterus carrying a large fibroid as well as a small cyst in my right ovary. By then, I started relying on DR Chakraborty and believed that I am going to get the best suggestion by the DR. and that’s came true. He suggested me to undergo a total laparoscopic hysterectomy keeping my ovaries in place. I had lots of tension and anxiety while going through the pre-surgery procedures in the hospital, but I saw the good behavior of DR Chakraborty & his team, I felt totally relaxed and in perfect hands. After one and half month after surgery I am completely fit . Thank You DR Chakraborty for being by my side. I pray to God to bless him with a long active life so that many people can get benefited.. So as per my opinion Dr Barun Chakraborty is one of the best gynecologist in West Bengal and also in India.
Once again thanks to Dr.Barun Chakraborty & his team.


On June 5th,2019 I underwent total laparoscopic hysterectomy under Dr. Barun Chakraborty. After mere 5 days I came back to my normal life.
When I first visit him seventeen years ago,during my first pregnancy along with a fibroid in my uterus I was very much tensed. But everything came out so easily as if he has a magic wand in his hand. For him only I could gave birth to one more child even after going through myomectomy.

Throughout this period I have developed an immense satisfaction from his treatment and respect for his friendliness and care. He treats his patients with exceptional professional expertise and mother’s care.

May God shower his blessings on him so that he gets the right valuation and proper recognition for his skill and care.

Thank you Doctor for helping me to sail smoothly.

Purbita Jana Purkayastha

Thank you Dr. Chakraborty for your guide and treatment. I am suffering from Bulky uterus and you have shown me the way towards right direction. I have operated for laparoscopic hysterectomy of my uterus on 10/06/19 and on 11/06/19 I was released from Nursing home. After two or three days I was completely fit and joined in my regular activities. I am so lucky that I found Dr. Chakraborty in right time. with regards,

Smritika Sinharay

Dr Barun Chakraborty treated me with utmost patience and care during my pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes and also had an emergency situation but his help,even at the middle of night (arranged for the ambulance himself) is unforgettable.Even after five years of my son’s birth, each time I need to visit a gynecologist I make it a point to visit him only (despite the fact that I don’t live in Kolkata). Thank you doctor for answering all my queries patiently every time and providing me the best treatment.

Rimi Das

Dr barun chakraborty intervened like a God with his team when my case had gone critical. I went to him with my haemoglobin level down at 5.7. He gave me confidence and a new lease of life as he conducted laparoscopic hysterectomy on 18th March 2019. God can never be adequately thanked!I am also immensely grateful to his great team particularly to madam Yan for she was divine in her task as an anaesthetist!

Manidipa Banerjee

to me

One of the best doctor i have ever met till now… I had my laproscopic surgery on 13th of February 2019.. and today is 1st of march 2019, i am perfectly fit… No pain in my belly section.. no issue.. Thanku soo much sir for doing such a great work… If u guys are looking for any gynaecologist in kolkata.. he is the man… Once again thanku sir.. I can assure u, u can trust him blindly..

chaitali mukherjee kolkata

Dr Barun Chakraborty is one of the best doctor in West Bengal as well as lndia specialising in gynaecologyand advanced laproscopic surgery . His clinical depth is excellent.I met with the doctor for my uterus fibroid and large cyst in my uterus and ovaries. He gave me assurance to not be tensed . My case was very critical but in the hands of Doctor Chakraborty my operation was done very perfectly and within few days I was in a normal condition. Thank God , I met Dr Barun Chakraborty who appeared in my life like a blessing . He is not only a good doctor but also a good man with excellent behaviour . God bless Dr Chakraborty and his family.

Mita Mitra, Sodepur

I am a 46 years old housewife and was suffering from chocolate cyst and uterine fibroid. After several futile attempts to get rid from those, I was left with no other option but surgery. Then I met Dr. Barun Chakraborty who with his immense expertise and wonderful behaviour make me understand the process of surgery and recovery. I was afraid about post operative complications. He assured me that there will be no such.
After the surgery I realised what a great relief he has given to me. He instilled a sense of confidence in me.
He makes everything perfect for me with a smiling face and never gets annoyed with my foolish and repetitive questions.
I am really grateful to him from the core of my heart.

Debjani Chakraborty, Kolkata

“Doctors are next to God”. This would have been an understatement till we met with Dr.Barun Chakraborty. A very sincere, meticulous and exceptional physician with gentleness as his primary forte. He treated with extreme care and dexterity during 6 months of pregnancy.
He came as a messiah to us during the emergency we witnessed at night of 19th Jan 2019. Situation became extremely critical as my wife had a membrane rupture at midnight and had to be admitted at hospital. Dr.Chakraborty was extremely prompt to garner his team at that hour of night and commence his surgical procedure and successfully deliver us our twin angels.
We shall remain extremely grateful throughout our lives for his effort.
Thanking you.

Vivek & Payel Pal,New Garia,Kolkata

Vivekananda Pal

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and associated excessive bleeding since July last year. Was getting treatment without any relief.
It was in fact getting worse day by day. My husband stays out of Kolkata and I was apprehensive about visiting a gynaecolist on my own. I came to know about Dr Barun Chakraborty from a relative and decided to visit on my own.
He was very nice and made me feel very comfortable and as per his suggestion, I was operated upon by him a few days back.
Thanks to him. Didn't understand when my OT got over. Great job doctor. Thanks.

Sanghamitra Dutta

Dear Sir,


We would like to thank you for your immense support right through the journey of pregnancy till the welcoming of two beautiful angels in our life. You are an excellent human being and an active listener. First time, we came across a person who didn’t exaggerate and shown us the difference between fact and faith.

The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But you made it friendly and pleasing.You always kept motivating us through out our journey of pregnancy. Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis. Else, we would never have been able to continue living a life of bliss.

We would also like to pay our gratitude to your better half Dr. Bratati Bhattacharya, who has given us the positive hope of expanding our family horizon.

May God bless both of you with lot of happiness and success in your future endevours.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks and regards,
Annie and Maloy Das

Annie & Maloy

I am happy to share my most satisfying treatment gone so far in my life. I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty from my sister-in-law and consulted him as I was facing bleeding problems for a long time. I did not have much good experiences with the treatment received from other doctors visited so far, but this time my view was completely different. From the very 1st day, DR Chakraborty made me feel perfectly comfortable though I had to visit him alone, my husband being out of station. I was diagnosed with bulky uterus carrying a large fibroid of size 56mmx52mmx50mm as well as a small cyst of size 20mmx17mmx13mm in my right ovary. By then, I started relying on DR Chakraborty and believed that I am going to get the best suggestion by the DR and that came true. He suggested me to undergo a total laparoscopic hysterectomy keeping my ovaries in place. I had lots of tension and anxiety while going through the pre-surgery procedures in the hospital, but as soon as I saw the lovely smiling face of DR Chakraborty, I felt totally relaxed and in perfect hands. Now after a month of my surgery, I must admit to say that I am completely relieved of my worries and perfectly fit for EVERYTHING. Thank You DR Chakraborty for being by my side.


Pain is very abstract  thing,the one suffering  from it can only feel.I had been through immense  pelvic pain since last 5 years and as we all women do had been neglecting it all these years.When it became unbearable  I approached  Dr.Barun Chakrobarty. I had known him since 2013 he had treated  me then too ,so a feeling  of trust and faith had already  developed . This  time too he operated  me and  from the very  next  day I am on my feet….not only am able to do daily routine work from next  day I had even started  my aerobics classes.No complications. He had made me so fit I consider  Him to be “Demi GOD “.I trust him,confide in him because only a good ethical  man can be a good doctor. He is one of them


My grandmother, Alo Chakraborty, underwent a complicated operation few months ago, in the hands of Dr Barun Chakraborty. She has insisted me on writing this review since she is extremely thankful to him for the successful surgery. He is an extremely good doctor but besides that, he is a very well behaved and gentle person.He is very polite and careful while dealing with his patients and gives them moral support . Because of him, my mother could single handedly go through my grandmother’s operation without any kind of problems.
My grandmother is perfectly alright now and she wants to thank doctor for her good health. Such doctors are rare to find in this era. Thank u so much doctor. You are a wonderful being. My grandmother wants you to know that you will have her blessings , forever.

Agnisha datta

What an amazing experience! God, how nice you have created such a doctor,a good human being like my Dr Barun Chakraborty.

I was sufferring from subfertility for long 8 years,tried many renowned hands. One colleague of mine gave ma the no. of my,God Dr Barun. You will never feel that you come for a medical consultation. With his smiling attitude and smooth voice he tackled me,went through all previous documents,right from we what I had from CMC Vellore. Advised for a laparoscopic myomectomy(removal of fibroid),endometriosis intervention laparoscopically,hysteroscopy,chromopertubation(dye test,commonly called to see patency of the fallopian tubes).We were mesmerized with his attention. Went with the surgery.He suggested to go in for IVF. We did not think twice. With IVF I had twin. For the whole of the pregnancy period it was probabaly one of the best phase of my life.All the time he was available over phone. Finally c-section was performed. Had my long cherished family with a son and a daughter.

Cannot enumerate his positive sides,only thing I want to percolate is, a doctor should be like him,passionate,caring,affordable,……

God bless him with a long active life so that many people can get benifitted.

Banashree Gupta, Kolkata

I still remember the cloudy evening. We were sitting in the cardio OPD in Apollo Chennai for my father in law’s routine check up. We were depressed. Just a day before we had consulted the gynaecology opd for my excessive menstrual flow. They found on USG two big fibroids(tumour) in my uterus. But because of my concern of having two previous cesareans, I wanted to opt in for laparoscopic approach for the surgical removal of the tumours keeping the uterus intact. But they advised us to go for open surgery which made us morose. When we were sitting in the Cardio OPD, we started talking with one patient also from Kolkata and had come for a cardiological consultation and told us to consult Dr. Barun Chakraborti for the micro surgery.

After coming back in Kolkata, we consulted Dr. Chakraborti. With a calm and reassuring voice he told us that the procedure could be done with micro surgery. I underwent the Surgery, for which I got admitted in the morning, was operated on later in the day, was allowed to have complete normal diet in the afternoon and was allowed to walk normally from that very evening. I was discharged the next day and was requested to refrain from taking any rest. I went back to my school 3 days after. The confidence that echoed in the voice and behaviour of Dr. Chakraborti completely relieved me of my anxiety and I was really thankful to that lady who told me about my doctor.

Mrs Kakoli Gupta, Kakurgacachi, Kolkata

I came to know about Dr Barun Chakraborty from my elder sister. My wife went through C Section under him and we are blessed with a healthy baby boy. I must say he is one of the best Gynecologists in Kolkata. We are very much satisfied with the treatment received from him. From the first day we met him, he explained everything so easily that it became very easier for us to understand.  You can trust him completely without any worries. He tries to make the patient feel comfortable with his light sense of humour.’

Sayani Nag Chowdhury

Hi:I am kamalika 34 yrs old and I a banker by profession
I am a very satisfied paitent of Dr.Barun chakraborty.He is very confident and professional.Due to his
treatement I was so confident that I could continue my office till the day before my c_section and manage to go to PURI BY CAR in my 28th week.
I felt that the C-Section was very comfortable and mater of few minutes due to his excellence . I could walk to wash room, in the same evening, i was operated after 5 hours. Morever, I was released from the hospital within 48 hrs. He was always there over phone.He is a God to me and I would definitely miss the conversation with him that not only boost up my confidence but help me to lead my normal life. Above all he is a very good human being and a nice person.Thank you sir for the most wonderful journey of our life.
ভগবান আপনাকে ও আপনার পরিবারের সদস্যদের ভালো রাখুক।
কমলিকার দে
কৌশিক পাল

Kamalika dey

* We meet Dr. Chakraborty in year 2004 at North City, when my wife Ruby was struggling in that Clinic from acute bleeding problem in 23rd week of pregnancy under some other Dr. We were not satisfied with our present Dr, as we can make out that she was not able to understand the problem. It was a case of infertility, and having twin baby.
Some nurse of North city told us about Dr. Barun Chakraborty, and I meet him and explained the complete situation. He agreed to help us , even knowing that case will be difficult.
Next day He visited North City, and explained us that this is not a case of Urine infection as informed by earlier Dr, but a simple case of Cervicalincompeteance, where Uterus is not able to hold the weight of baby, and mouth gets open. He explained us now it is late, still he can try to save by doing operation ( stitching on Uterus mouth ). Operation was successful, however after 4 day’s pregnancy got disturbed because of thread cord break out. Though it was a tough time, but we were satisfied from his effort and treatment.
Almost after 8 months we again met Dr. Chakraborty, and this time Ruby got pregnant with in 5 weeks of treatment. Dr. Chakraborty called Dr. M Sen who has done the Ultrasonic test last time, to check for cervicalincompetence in 6th week, and Dr. Sen found the same during testing. So Dr. Chakraborty operated once again, and after that every thing was very normal till delivery. He decided to go for surgery for delivery along with his team Dr. B Chattacharia and Dr. P.Sen. It was very smooth, and my wife and son Hardik return to home very next day. Now my son is 7 years old, and we are very grateful to Dr. Chakrabort. Apart from a very good Dr., he is a very good human. Once again thanks and regards to Dr. Chakraborty.

Gautam & Ruby Choudhury

* I am from Agartala, Tripura. Last month, I went to kolkata for the treatment of my mother. Through internet I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty. My mom undergone an operation Toatal Hysterectomy (Laparoscopic). Before starting the treatment I was worried to choose the right doctor. But after meeting Dr. Barun Chakraborty, I find, he is the right person to whom we came from a long distance. After the operation, my mom is fully fit now. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is not only genius in his profession but also a very good human being. Thanks a lot to Dr. B. Chakraborty.

Dipankar Sarkar, Agartala

* It has been a wonderful and a very satisfying experience to be a patient of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. He was very cooperative during my pregnancy. I was stationed at Asansol till the 9 th month of my pregnancy. But he was constantly in touch with over phone and emails. He responded to all my queries immediately over phone and emails. He was very supportive for a normal delivery. However, since I didn’t have labour pains, we had to go for a caesarean section. But I felt that the C-Section was much comfortable than normal delivery. I could walk upstairs and downstairs, the same evening, i was operated. Morever, I was released from the hospital within 48 hrs. I was home with my baby fit and fine to take care of her. Thanks to Dr. Barun Chakraborty.

Bratati Goswami, Baranagar

* Dr. Barun chakroborty nam ami jakhon 11 e portam takhon sune chilam,amar 1 boudi k dekhte gie dekhi jedin ot hoieche sakal e sedin bikel ei uni fit takhon i ami thik kore niechilam ami jakhon pregnant hobo onar kacgei asbo. Pregnancy news janar por visit korlam onake r uni haste haste amar sisu k prithibir alo dekhalen. Pregnancy chola kalin uni amai sab dik theke help korechilen. Jakhon khusi takhon ph kortam r uni sabsomoy sahajer hath barie diechen. Maja to lagto takhon jakhon amar babyr age er babyr maeera amai dekhto r joltooo. Karon onara amar moto eto jaldi fit chilo na. Eto jaldi bari jete parini,siri die uthte parto na, ja khusi tai khete parto na,amar kono back pain er prob chilo naaaa.sizer noy amai dekhe sabai bolto amar normal delivey hoieche. Sudhu tai noi after delivery o uni amai weight loss korte, breast feed korate help koren, 4-5 maser modhei ami purono life style e fire asi. Modeling o suru korechi. Thank you sir thank you very much.

Chaitali , Kolkata

* 20th June,’13 I came to know that my mother has a tumor in uterus. I was very tensed at that moment and searching for a good gynecologist in Kolkata. After surveying on the internet, on 22nd June We met Dr Barun Chakraborty. From the first meet, he was very supportive and listened to everything and assures that there is nothing to be worry about. He gave us confidence that my mom will be alright and will be released on the same day of the operation and after the operation she can do all the stuffs she does normally. For us he was like God because actually I was very nervous and after the conversation with him I felt relieved.On 26th June My mother was admitted to Divine nursing Home and the next day my mom was operated.From the day we visit Dr. Barun Chakraborty whenever We needed any support or had any query, he was always there. My mom is now totally fine. I thank him from my bottom of my heart and will be grateful to him forever.

Samapti Dutta, Kolkata

* “I am from Agartala, Tripura. last month (Sep), I went to kolkata for the treatment of my mother. Through internet I came to know about Dr. barun Chakraborty. She undergone an operation Toatal Hysterectomy (Laparoscopic). Before starting the treatment I was worried to choose the right doctor. But after meeting Dr. Barun Chakraborty, I find, he is the right person to whom we came from a long distance. After the operation, my mom is fully fit now. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is not only genius in his profession but also a very good human being. Thanks a lot to Dr. B. Chakraborty.

Dipankar Sarkar, Agartala, Tripura

* Dr Barun Chakraborty is the best gynecologist. I had twin pregnanacy, due to him I did not have any problem during my pregnancy and could give birth to the apples of my eyes, my two daughters. Thanks a loooot for your guidance.

Mrs. Sanhita Paul , Keshtopur, Kolkata

* Dear Barun da, It was really a wonderful experience being treated by Dr. Barun Chakraborty during my pregnancy and undergoing c-section surgery by his team. I was carrying twins and just because of Dr. Chakraborty’s treatement I was so symptom free that I could continue my office till 36th week of my prgnancy. I gave birth to twin baby boys on 15th May’2013 and I was on my office duties till 12th May 2013. Unlike others he advised me to lead complete normal life during and after pregnancy. He was always very kind, approachable and accessible to me all the time. Thank you very much for everything Dr. Chakraborty. I am really grateful to you for your expertise and confidence. May god bless you and your family.

Regards, Aparajita Parashar, Kolkata

* Dear Doctor, We are overhelmed with the treatment we got from you with utmost experience and caring attitude. Hoping for every new born to have touch of love from a doctor like you. Best of wishes ! Thanks & Regards,

Kiranjit Kaur & Rachhpal Singh

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