Respected Doctor,
I and my husband, Biswadeep Biswas, wish to take this opportunity to express our heart felt gratitude to the service rendered by you and your team in successfully conducting the total laproscopic hysterectomy on 17.12.17. Thanks once again
Dr. Nilanjana Biswas
Assistant Professor
Susil Kar College

Beginning of parenthood is really a delightful experience and it becomes more beautiful when it comes
for the first time. We were really excited when we felt the fragrance of our first pregnancy. However we
were equally much anxious because it was really tough to be a working would be mother. In this situation
we came to meet Dr. Barun Chakraborti and the next nine and half month of our pregnancy felt like a
Right from our very first visit to Dr. Chakraborti, we were very satisfied with our decision to be under his
care and treatment. He was very supportive and approachable throughout the period and attentive to our
endless questions even over telephone. He always gave proper information at right time to keep us
relaxed. During the pregnancy he hardly imposed any restriction and always boosted up our mental
strength. When we asked him “How long it will be safe to go to the office?”, he just assured, “The day
before the date of C-section”.
Now it was really an amazing experience to have a C-section under Dr. Chakraborti at Divine Nursing
Home, Kolkata. A big thanks to the expertise of Dr. Chakraborti and his team including Dr. Bratati
Bhattacharyya and Dr. Pradip Sinha who had a constant effort to make the atmosphere inside the
operation theatre very friendly and comfortable. After the operation was completed and we gave birth of a
healthy baby boy, the immediate pain was relieved by painkillers. In the afternoon the IV channels were
removed, even normal lunch was served. To our utmost surprise, in the evening doctor advised for a walk
within the room. In the next day morning, he came, advised to take a full body bathe (as incision was
sealed by complete cosmetic surgery), released from his side and told firmly, “In this world, you have to
stand only by yourself. There is no restriction on sitting on the floor, bent down, climbing staircase or any
regular physical activity. From today, harder you push yourself, more quickly you will recover. Then after
six months just compare your physical condition with the others having C-section in the same
time……….”. We were very much moved by his confidence and a notion of self-belief prevails within us
which helps in the subsequent rapid recovery.
We have no words to thank Dr. Barun Chakraborti for what he has done for us. We convey our sincere
sense of gratitude on behalf of our whole family to him and wish him a successful life ahead.
Thanking you once again.
With kind and warm regards,

Dr. Subhra Kanti Mandal & Dr. Piya Seth.

I have undergone total laparoscopic hysterectomy under Dr Barun Chakraborty, He is an excellent doctor.
sangita sadhu

Amra dujone apnar katha mone kori,alochona kori sab kajer majhei.jibane cholar pathe ak memorable episode hoe ache apnar sannidhye katano kayekti maas.pronam o suvokamona roilo apnake.poribarer sakolke nie apnar agami dinguli aro sundar hoe uthuk.Amader priyo Doctor,valo thakben.

Papia(Piu) o Bikas Mustaphi

A Sweet Memory

* “It was actually a wonderful experience undergoing a Caesarean section operation under Dr. Barun Chakraborty at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre.He and his team of doctors, Dr. Santra – the anesthetist (he is such a jolly person who made me mentally so comfortable, that I totally forgot that I was about to undergo such an operation and that I was been taken to the OT, the fear and tension totally vanished from my mind) and Dr. Pallab Chatterjee – the .pediatrician (has been so co-operative that he responded to our mails even when he was out of India) were just too good –thanks a lot doctors.

I would like to share this wonderful experience in few lines. I could hardly realize that I had undergone such a major operation. Not only that, even during my pregnancy period I was hardly under any restrictions and Dr. Chakraborty always boosted our confidence, which helped me a lot to be mentally strong.

After my operation, I had regained my senses while I was in OT itself and the only time I realized I was in pain was for about 2-2 ½ hrs, which was relieved by a painkiller injection, after being shifted to my room. By afternoon even saline was removed and I was served normal lunch (whereas my roommates were still on saline and had to be on liquid diet for another two days). By evening I was almost fit and fine, my relatives and friends who had come to visit me were surprised to see my condition and couldn’t believe that I had undergone such a major operation that day itself. After visiting hours one of the sisters ( one more important thing I need to mention here is, the sisters in Neotia are so very caring, patient, co-operative and in one word they are just excellent) came and told me, that doctor has advised me to walk in the corridor and go to the feeding room to feed my baby (whereas my roommates were advised to be on bed rest for 2 days). Again at night I was served delicious dinner (and my roommates kept complaining that the liquid diet that they were given was tasteless and not filling as well- they literally envied me).

Next day morning I was advised to take full body bath (which is otherwise not usual) it was possible as my incision was not sealed with ordinary stitches which required dressing from time to time, it didn’t require any dressing at all, and I was asked to remove the OT dressing after 8 days, that’s it, it would automatically dry up. And the funny part was that Dr. Chakraborty came and scolded me what was I doing there lying down like a patient (he had discharged from his side the very next day morning, but on request of my family I had insisted that I would like to stay back for 1 day more). Here again most people were surprised that how can one be discharged within 24 hours of an operation – isn’t it a miracle?

Anyways I was discharged the next next day and advised to lead total normal life – for which I am really grateful to my doctor for his expertise and confidence.

Reenia Paul Choudhury

* My wife Mrs Aparna Hazra has given birth of a baby boy in Charnock Hospital under Dr. Barun Chakraborty. The mode of delivery was c-section which Dr. Chakraborty defined as LUCS. It was an excellent cesarean technique for delivery. My wife returnned back to narmal life on the very next day. I am highly satisfied with his expertise. He is really a very good doctor and very much caring. He is also very co-operative with his patients.

Subir Hazra

* I am a post hysterectomy patient and was diagonised with ovarian endometrioma.I visited a few top doctors in kolkata but all said that it is very complex a situation so had to be operated but laparoscopy was not possible.But I decided to get it operated by Dr.Barun Chakraborty.I finally underwent a laparoscopic operation and i was released within 1 day post operation!!I viewed the CD provided and was overwhelmed to see how skilfully the surgery was done with ultra modern equipment at DIVINE Nursing home Kolkata.Many thanks to him and I would suggest everyone to pay him a visit if anyone is in trouble.

Anuradha Paul

* My mother underwent a hysterectomy opertion under Dr.Barun Chakraborty’s supervision in May 2012. My mother’s condition was further complicated by high thyroid and BP levels. Dr.Chakraborty instilled a lot of confidence in not only my mother but also our family members through out this crisis period. Now after one month she is recovering well.Thanks to the doctor and his expertise which is highly appreciating and commendable!

Srilika and Srijib Chatterjee

* When my USG report came, showing two large firoid, I was really anxious. Dr. Mrs. A. Ganguly advised me to the uterus. Then my friend, Mrs. Sujata Basu gave me the name and contact number of Dr. Barun Chakraborti, a confident young Laparoscopic surgeon. He operated my friend in the year 2009. My friend praised about him a lot and asked me to make an appointment with him. Next day ie 16/07/2012, I met the doctor. He gave a lot of confidence and asked me to carry out some tests. After going through the test reports, my operation date was fixed on 24/07/2012. On the same day, he had another opration before mine. That patient had 2.5 Kg firoid in the uterus, which was operated by laparoscopic surgery. Really unbelievable!

My operation time was one and half hour. Within three hours from operation, I could walk to the toilet. I was discharged from the nursing home the next day. Now it is some three weeks from my operation and I am quite well.

I give a lot of thanks to the doctor and his team. I also convey my best wishes to Dr Barun Chakraborti and hope he will successfully carry out such operations in the years to come.

Sharmistha Bandopadhyay

* My wife Mrs. Priya Pal was under your treatment during her pregnancy. Thanks to your expertise and proper guidance the whole period was uneventful and she enjoyed every moment of it and also led a normal lifestyle. She underwent a caesarean section operation performed by you and assisted by your team of doctors (Dr. Bratati Bhattacharyya, Dr. Santra and Dr. Pallab Chatterjee) on 31st October, 2012 at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre. The full process of operation was completed within 30 minutes .Thanks to you we got blessed with a healthy baby girl.

To our utmost surprise, my wife hardly felt any pain when she regained her senses after the operation. She was served normal lunch and dinner on same day and she started walking after 10 hours of the operation which we did not expect at all. As per your advice, she took full body bath next day morning and was discharged from the hospital. The scar of the incision has disappeared. My colleagues in Mumbai who became a father recently were all surprised to hear this experience. My wife is leading a normal life now and enjoying every moment of the divine pleasure of motherhood.

I can’t find the words to show you how much I appreciate all that you have done for me and my family. We convey our deepest sense of gratitude and I just want you to know you’re the best and I am indebted to you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to care. You were always very kind, approachable and accessible to us even during the odd hours in the night. I would trust you with the life of my family members and definitely recommend my friends and relatives to you. I would also like to thank your team of doctors for their kindness.

Thanking you once again.

With warm regards

Sibabrata Pal

* We were planning for our baby from beginning of 2012 on completion of our 2 years marriage and went to one of the Gynaecologists for advice. As initial advice we received ovarian Cyst surgery and referred one nursing home. But we were not satisfied with the explanation from doctor and decided to quit.

Then we came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty from our family friend. He did not advice any Cyst surgery as everything was normal. It was wonderful experience for last 9 months and I have given birth of a baby boy in Bhagirathi Neotia Women & Child Care Centre under Dr. Barun Chakraborty on 20th October, 2012.

I am very thankful to him for his guidance .Under his guidance I never felt myself as a patient and spent a normal life throughout the period and even I went to office previous day of my surgery. Dr Chakroborty is so approachable that everytime I got a clear answer of my every query. Due to some emergency I went for surgery on my 34th week of pregnancy but still whole process went very smoothly and able to gave birth of a healthy baby .On the same day of my delivery I took a normal dinner and next day took a bath and walk normally and I got release on second day of delivery.

Thank s a lot Dr. Chakbarorty.


Arijit & Emon Sarkar
Baby Aarohan Sarkar

* My delivery was done by dr. barun chakroborty.i was too much satisfied with his treatment .i think i have been in a best hands during my pregnancy.till now if i need any help regarding my health he always responses positively.he is a good dr as wel as a good person.

Papri Sarkar Mondal

* “Sometime the God send somebody in our life like a blessing. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is such blessing in my life.

I had adenomyosis. Other doctor advised me for the open hysterectomy due to size of my uterus which I scared of and I was confused.

I found Dr. Barun Chakraborty’s details from internet and immediately I mailed him all my problems with the report. Very soon I got the reply from him that I can go through the laparoscopy hysterectomy (total removal of uterus through small holes on abdomen).

On 6th day (27.08.12) he done my operation succesfully at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre. The atmosphere was so healthy, easy and friendly that there was no fear or tension in my mind.

After 2 days I started going to office by auto/bus and live my normal routine life.

The doctor’s relation with the patient also involve in the healing process. The patient always wants the motherly care from the doctor. Some words / tough of care work as catalyst. I found all these in Dr. Chakraborty. Whenever I called him eigher in the early morning or late at night he listended and advised me.I wish if all the doctors are like Dr. Barun Chakraborty then we don’t need much medicine to recover and also we don’t have to go other states for treatment.”

Soma Paul

* “Excellent Support and great advice.”

Arnab Roy

* “I have been visiting Dr. Barun Chakraborti for the last couple of years and he is one of the best gynecologists one can have around, whether one judges him by his clinical skill or his talent as a consultant. He is extremely approachable and accessible when the patient needs him at any hour which is very important for the profession of a gynecologist. As a patient I would certainly recommend him to all my friends and relatives.”

Haimanti Banerjee

* “Dear Dr Barun Chakraborty, words can’t begin to express how thankful we are to you for all you have done! We were so fortunate to have you there with us from the beginning. Thank you so much for delivering a healthy baby boy for us. You always take that extra step to make the entire experience of pregnancy and delivery so special. The total experience was painless. You are truly a blessing! Thanks for delivering a healthy baby boy into this world and making our family complete and always greeting us with enthusiasm and smiles. May god bless u n ur family.”

Saurabh & Satarupa Mandal

* “It was a wonderful experience undergoing a C-Section under Dr. Barun Chakraborty. He and his team of doctors were awesome in terms of making me feel comfortable right from the time I entered the OT. Being my first ever surgery, I did not know what to expect. Had a lot of inhibitions that I gathered from friends, family and collegues.Dr. Barun Chakraborty proved evertything to be wrong and gave me a total new experience of a C-Section Delivery.I had an OT at 8:00 AM and I was there walking in my room at Columbia Asia at 4:00 PM the same day. I was served normal lunch and was adviced to return back to normal life the very same night. The paedetrician Dr. Pallab Chatterjee has also been a jolly and amicable person.Thank you Dr.Chakraborty for the most special gift of our life.”

Bidisa Roychowdhury

* “I was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids & bulky uterus few years back. I am in late 40s’ & as per Doctors’ advice I kept the surgery on hold since I was approaching menopausal age. Of late I was having trouble of heavy bleeding & I though best to go in for the surgery, as it was hampering my profession of a performing vocal artist. I went through various write-ups available in the net on Hysterectomy & tried to have an idea of the different processes of Hysterectomy so that before approaching any Doctor I do have a clear idea of the same. I searched for the best way which will allow me to recover quickly with minimal invasive approach.

The write-ups clearly stated the various advantages & disadvantages between Abdominal Hysterectomy & Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH). It was quite apparent that TLH did have clear advantages over traditional surgery.

Being a non-medical person I still was not getting enough comfort of going in for TLH for :

  • I already had 2 open surgeries in my abdomen one for delivery & the other for removal of Gallbladder.
  • I am suffering from Thyroid, High Pressure &Diabetes.

I contacted couple of Gynecologists. I discussed the issue with few of my Doctor friends, who are not Gynecologists but specializes in different fields. I also contacted my friends, who already had Laparoscopy & shared their experiences. All of them advised me to go in Abdominal Hysterectomy in view of me already having had 2 surgeries & the chronic ailments I carry. According to them mine is a complicated case. They also said that TLH does have high risk of other complications like damage to bladder & bowel. I was afraid but not convinced totally.

I one day discussed with my family physician Dr. Samayug Bhowmick & he said that you must go in for Laparoscopy as you have a nuclear family apart from profession & you cannot spend long time recovering. He suggested Dr. Barun Chakrabortys’ name & said that he personally do have ideas about very critical patients being handled by Dr. Chakraborty both as Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He also mentioned about a case about how Dr. Barun Chakraborty saved the life of a young lady & his new born baby in my neighborhood.

I met Dr. Barun Chakraborty & the very 1st meeting gave me total comfort which I had been searching for longtime. He explained me the process & assured me that everything will be fine & I need not worry at all. He also clearly told me that if during surgery he found the ovaries to be good he will keep the same, so that hormonal secretion which is very necessary for the body is not disrupted. Being a musician I felt like the chords matching & I decided on the Doctor & left my problems to him. The self-confidence he had was infectious.

My husband being a Chartered Accountant always believes in verifying everything before acceptance. He also has a passion for gaining knowledge about new developments in any field. Being avid net-searcher, he went through various sites , browsed through write-ups &viewed videos of TLH including that of Dr. Chakraborty. He too was convinced that Dr. Chakaraborty is the right Doctor for me.

I had my TLH done by Dr. Chakraborty & his team at Bhagirathi Neotia hospital in Kolkata on 25th February, 2013. Because of the size of fibroids, morcellator had to be used to cut the uterus. The ovaries as said earlier were left inside. Only the uterus & cervix was removed.

To my amazement couple of hours post operation I did not have any complaints except for natural pain related to surgery. Dr. Santra, the anesthetist did such an excellent job that I did not have cough or vomiting tendencies which generally happens after an operation, which spanned for close to 2 hours. Being a vocalist that was a great boon to me. I was provided normal diet within 2 hours of surgery & was also asked to have full bath next day. I started walking in the evening itself. Surprises were raining.

Next day, 26th February, 2013, i.e. 24 hours after the surgery I walked out of the hospital on my own feet. Today a fortnight after the surgery I really feel that deciding on Dr. Barun Chakraborty, was definitely the right decision. I do not have any pains. Scars are receding. I am sprinting back to my healthy self. I have resumed most of my normal chores. I have started my music practice & hopefully by next week I will start performing.

Through this blog, I really advise all to shred their fears regarding TLH & go in for the same, if required, to make your life stress-free.

Thanks Dr. Chakraborty. Your expertise in laparoscopy is amazing. You too are an artist.

I really feel proud to be a Kolkatan & Kolkata is also proud to have an excellent rather par-excellent Surgeon like you. I am sure you will make life of many more of your patients easy& happy.

I sincerely wish you all the best. Wish you all prosperity.”

Madhumita Mukherjee, 15th March, 2013

* “Me and my wife Sarita went to Dr. Chakraborty after some bitter experiences from a reputed doctor of Kolkata. Actually, a friend of mine sent us to him. After our first visit both of us knew Dr. Chakraborty was the perfect person for us. My wife went for a C Section surgery 5 months after our initial visit and she gave birth to a little fairy under Dr. Chakraborty’s supervision. The way the surgery was performed and the way Dr. Chakraborty eased off the tension from my wife I would say it was world class, not something we see in this part of our world and society. Not only the surgery, his guidance also made sure that my wife could walk on her own and carry on normal works from the next day onwards. Dr. Chakraborty is the best doctor (not only a gynaecologist). But the problem is that, we are not liking any paediatrician for our daughter because we cant find one like Dr. Chakraborty.

We can’t thank you enough Dr. Chakraborty for everything you have done for us. Wish you very best of life.”

Dibyendu & Sarita Mukherjee

* “A doctor is godly to a patient. Dr.Barun Chakraborty is one of them who has convinced me out of all my anxieties regarding my Laparoscopic surgery on Fibroid uterus and successfully operated me at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & child care centre with utmost care on 8th March’ 13.

I had have a normal diet within a few hours after my surgery & could bathe the very next morning, that made me feel soothing & pious. After bath, I had a walk in the corridor, I was breathing a new better-life.

Dr.Barun Chakraborty is an excellent person with his amazing expertise. An amicable, co-operative doctor whom I found always in a cool & calm mood whenever I called him on cell. My sister truly said (who too was got operated for Adenomyosis by him) that if we get doctors like him we don’t need to visit other states for treatment.

Of course, he has something different that touches our heart, I really think that ‘Thank you’ is a very small phrase to express my gratitude towards him.”

Putul Roy, Kolkata

* “I am satisfied of my surgery”

Chaitali Paul, Kolkata, 13th April, 2013

* This is to inform you that we are totaly satisfied and happy with your work. I’m totaly fit & fine after operation and having agreat time with my child.

Soumita Sen.

* Dr.Barun Chakraborty successfully performed Laproscopic Hysterectomy on me on 9th May,2013.THE GOOD DOCTOR had promised to put me back on my feet 5 hrs. after surgery n back to work,to shoulder the responsibilities of being a govt. school,after 3 days,and He n his team of drs. worked diligently to fulfil that promise.His deft hands hav made me fight against all odds with the handicaps of Diabetes n Hypertension n yet come out a winner frm d OT.Thanks wholeheartedly fr keeping ur promise

Asha Bose

* I am Sudipa Mitra (28 Yrs) from Naihati. On 11-06-2013 I have given birth to a baby boy under the observation of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. I was under his observation from the 4th month of my pregnancy. I went to him with some severe complications,but he handled them with utmost care. From then till my delivery, it was a pleasurable journey. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is very much approachable and a great consultant. At first we went to him with lots of anxiety,but he just took the fear out of us and made the whole experience of motherhood a joyful one (as it Should be). And since then I did not have any kind of complications at all. The post delivery recovery was really magical as I was fit to walk in the ward within just 8 hours of my delivery. So I thank Dr. Barun Chakraborty for all his efforts from the deepest core of my heart and I will remain grateful to him.

Sudipa Mitra, Naihati

* In 2003 I had a fibroid operation and Mirena was inserted in my uterus. This was replaced by another one in 2008. About two months ago, I went to a doctor in a big hospital to get the Mirena removed. The Mirena was embedded inside and could not even be removed under general anaesthesia and I was advised surgery.

Both my husband and I were confused about this. Then our General Physician recommended Dr Chakraborti to us. From the very start Dr. Chakraborti was one hundred percent on top of it. He gave us all information and confidence to face the surgery. The laparoscopic surgery was complicated but he did such an excellent job that I felt fit the very next morning. There was very little pain or discomfiture. I resumed my normal life seamlessly without any pause. After surgery also, he answered all our questions.

Both my husband and I are extremely grateful to him. Words cannot totally capture our gratefulness. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other women in similar circumstances.

Sanghamitra Sen, Salt Lake

* We meet Dr. Chakraborty in year 2004 at North City, when my wife Ruby was struggling in that Clinic from acute bleeding problem in 23rd week of pregnancy under some other Dr. We were not satisfied with our present Dr, as we can make out that she was not able to understand the problem. It was a case of infertility, and having twin baby.
Some nurse of North city told us about Dr. Barun Chakraborty, and I meet him and explained the complete situation. He agreed to help us , even knowing that case will be difficult.
Next day He visited North City, and explained us that this is not a case of Urine infection as informed by earlier Dr, but a simple case of Cervicalincompeteance, where Uterus is not able to hold the weight of baby, and mouth gets open. He explained us now it is late, still he can try to save by doing operation ( stitching on Uterus mouth ). Operation was successful, however after 4 day’s pregnancy got disturbed because of thread cord break out. Though it was a tough time, but we were satisfied from his effort and treatment.
Almost after 8 months we again met Dr. Chakraborty, and this time Ruby got pregnant with in 5 weeks of treatment. Dr. Chakraborty called Dr. M Sen who has done the Ultrasonic test last time, to check for cervicalincompetence in 6th week, and Dr. Sen found the same during testing. So Dr. Chakraborty operated once again, and after that every thing was very normal till delivery. He decided to go for surgery for delivery along with his team Dr. B Chattacharia and Dr. P.Sen. It was very smooth, and my wife and son Hardik return to home very next day. Now my son is 7 years old, and we are very grateful to Dr. Chakrabort. Apart from a very good Dr., he is a very good human. Once again thanks and regards to Dr. Chakraborty.

Gautam & Ruby Choudhury

* I am from Agartala, Tripura. Last month, I went to kolkata for the treatment of my mother. Through internet I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty. My mom undergone an operation Toatal Hysterectomy (Laparoscopic). Before starting the treatment I was worried to choose the right doctor. But after meeting Dr. Barun Chakraborty, I find, he is the right person to whom we came from a long distance. After the operation, my mom is fully fit now. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is not only genius in his profession but also a very good human being. Thanks a lot to Dr. B. Chakraborty.

Dipankar Sarkar, Agartala

* It has been a wonderful and a very satisfying experience to be a patient of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. He was very cooperative during my pregnancy. I was stationed at Asansol till the 9 th month of my pregnancy. But he was constantly in touch with over phone and emails. He responded to all my queries immediately over phone and emails. He was very supportive for a normal delivery. However, since I didn’t have labour pains, we had to go for a caesarean section. But I felt that the C-Section was much comfortable than normal delivery. I could walk upstairs and downstairs, the same evening, i was operated. Morever, I was released from the hospital within 48 hrs. I was home with my baby fit and fine to take care of her. Thanks to Dr. Barun Chakraborty.

Bratati Goswami, Baranagar

* Dr. Barun chakroborty nam ami jakhon 11 e portam takhon sune chilam,amar 1 boudi k dekhte gie dekhi jedin ot hoieche sakal e sedin bikel ei uni fit takhon i ami thik kore niechilam ami jakhon pregnant hobo onar kacgei asbo. Pregnancy news janar por visit korlam onake r uni haste haste amar sisu k prithibir alo dekhalen. Pregnancy chola kalin uni amai sab dik theke help korechilen. Jakhon khusi takhon ph kortam r uni sabsomoy sahajer hath barie diechen. Maja to lagto takhon jakhon amar babyr age er babyr maeera amai dekhto r joltooo. Karon onara amar moto eto jaldi fit chilo na. Eto jaldi bari jete parini,siri die uthte parto na, ja khusi tai khete parto na,amar kono back pain er prob chilo naaaa.sizer noy amai dekhe sabai bolto amar normal delivey hoieche. Sudhu tai noi after delivery o uni amai weight loss korte, breast feed korate help koren, 4-5 maser modhei ami purono life style e fire asi. Modeling o suru korechi. Thank you sir thank you very much.

Chaitali , Kolkata

* 20th June,’13 I came to know that my mother has a tumor in uterus. I was very tensed at that moment and searching for a good gynecologist in Kolkata. After surveying on the internet, on 22nd June We met Dr Barun Chakraborty. From the first meet, he was very supportive and listened to everything and assures that there is nothing to be worry about. He gave us confidence that my mom will be alright and will be released on the same day of the operation and after the operation she can do all the stuffs she does normally. For us he was like God because actually I was very nervous and after the conversation with him I felt relieved.On 26th June My mother was admitted to Divine nursing Home and the next day my mom was operated.From the day we visit Dr. Barun Chakraborty whenever We needed any support or had any query, he was always there. My mom is now totally fine. I thank him from my bottom of my heart and will be grateful to him forever.

Samapti Dutta, Kolkata

* “I am from Agartala, Tripura. last month (Sep), I went to kolkata for the treatment of my mother. Through internet I came to know about Dr. barun Chakraborty. She undergone an operation Toatal Hysterectomy (Laparoscopic). Before starting the treatment I was worried to choose the right doctor. But after meeting Dr. Barun Chakraborty, I find, he is the right person to whom we came from a long distance. After the operation, my mom is fully fit now. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is not only genius in his profession but also a very good human being. Thanks a lot to Dr. B. Chakraborty.

Dipankar Sarkar, Agartala, Tripura

* Dr Barun Chakraborty is the best gynecologist. I had twin pregnanacy, due to him I did not have any problem during my pregnancy and could give birth to the apples of my eyes, my two daughters. Thanks a loooot for your guidance.

Mrs. Sanhita Paul , Keshtopur, Kolkata

* Dear Barun da, It was really a wonderful experience being treated by Dr. Barun Chakraborty during my pregnancy and undergoing c-section surgery by his team. I was carrying twins and just because of Dr. Chakraborty’s treatement I was so symptom free that I could continue my office till 36th week of my prgnancy. I gave birth to twin baby boys on 15th May’2013 and I was on my office duties till 12th May 2013. Unlike others he advised me to lead complete normal life during and after pregnancy. He was always very kind, approachable and accessible to me all the time. Thank you very much for everything Dr. Chakraborty. I am really grateful to you for your expertise and confidence. May god bless you and your family.

Regards, Aparajita Parashar, Kolkata

* Dear Doctor, We are overhelmed with the treatment we got from you with utmost experience and caring attitude. Hoping for every new born to have touch of love from a doctor like you. Best of wishes ! Thanks & Regards,

Kiranjit Kaur & Rachhpal Singh

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