Kamalika dey

Hi:I am kamalika 34 yrs old and I a banker by profession
I am a very satisfied paitent of Dr.Barun chakraborty.He is very confident and professional.Due to his
treatement I was so confident that I could continue my office till the day before my c_section and manage to go to PURI BY CAR in my 28th week.
I felt that the C-Section was very comfortable and mater of few minutes due to his excellence . I could walk to wash room, in the same evening, i was operated after 5 hours. Morever, I was released from the hospital within 48 hrs. He was always there over phone.He is a God to me and I would definitely miss the conversation with him that not only boost up my confidence but help me to lead my normal life. Above all he is a very good human being and a nice person.Thank you sir for the most wonderful journey of our life.
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