Gautam & Ruby Choudhury

* We meet Dr. Chakraborty in year 2004 at North City, when my wife Ruby was struggling in that Clinic from acute bleeding problem in 23rd week of pregnancy under some other Dr. We were not satisfied with our present Dr, as we can make out that she was not able to understand the problem. It was a case of infertility, and having twin baby.
Some nurse of North city told us about Dr. Barun Chakraborty, and I meet him and explained the complete situation. He agreed to help us , even knowing that case will be difficult.
Next day He visited North City, and explained us that this is not a case of Urine infection as informed by earlier Dr, but a simple case of Cervicalincompeteance, where Uterus is not able to hold the weight of baby, and mouth gets open. He explained us now it is late, still he can try to save by doing operation ( stitching on Uterus mouth ). Operation was successful, however after 4 day’s pregnancy got disturbed because of thread cord break out. Though it was a tough time, but we were satisfied from his effort and treatment.
Almost after 8 months we again met Dr. Chakraborty, and this time Ruby got pregnant with in 5 weeks of treatment. Dr. Chakraborty called Dr. M Sen who has done the Ultrasonic test last time, to check for cervicalincompetence in 6th week, and Dr. Sen found the same during testing. So Dr. Chakraborty operated once again, and after that every thing was very normal till delivery. He decided to go for surgery for delivery along with his team Dr. B Chattacharia and Dr. P.Sen. It was very smooth, and my wife and son Hardik return to home very next day. Now my son is 7 years old, and we are very grateful to Dr. Chakrabort. Apart from a very good Dr., he is a very good human. Once again thanks and regards to Dr. Chakraborty.