Sumita Roy

Dr Barun chakraborty is blessing to mankind to me .After a prolonged suffering and treatment of more than 18 years he was the person who assured me of a painless healthy happy life.i am from capital city of India (Delhi) and was taking never ending treatments from best chain of doctors of country (Delhi Appolo ,B L Kapoor).But what I have experienced nobody was working for Humanity.
getting reference from a happy patient of him i flew to him and felt like more than a doctor .
Moreover from start to finish it was just magical . Bloodless, painless and motherly care surgery it was.
I am blessed to have come in contact with a doctor who is so exceptionally good in handling and treating his patients and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor for my procedure.
If you are planning to consult for any gynic issues i suggest you to go forward without any doubt.
Thanks and Regards -Dr Barun chakraborty