Shreya & Soumava, Kolkata

We were undergoing treatment for infertility for 5 years under various doctors and on the verge of giving up hope of ever having our own child, we consulted Dr Barun Chakraborti. His positive attitude and immediate decision to conduct a hysteroscopy & laparoscopy helped us conceive immediately through IVF (under the treatment of another wonderful doctor, Dr Aindri Sanyal, as suggested by him). The pregnancy was quite complicated in the beginning due to bleeding issues but our doctors responded to the situation immediately and made sure that no harm came to the fetus. Dr Chakraborti skillfully guided us through the rest of the pregnancy period and although labour pains came on suddenly at the end of 7 months gestation, he performed C-section immediately and we met our baby boy without complications. The recovery period after surgery has also been quite painless. We thank him and his team of doctors for fulfilling our long held dream of becoming parents and seek his blessings for our baby boy.