Sheuli Das

I don’t have enough words to thank Dr.Barun Chakraborti.I had two big size fibroids along with multiple small in my uterus. I am a diabetic patient. Dr. Barun Chakraborti suggested to remove uterus through laproscopic hysterectomy surgery. When I heard about surgery , felt very very nervous. He explained my condition very easily and why I needed a surgery. His polite bahaviour and huge confidence took away my nervouseness.Within 15 days he did my laproscopic surgery , removed my uterus keeping ovaries intact.Within 4hrs of my surgery, I was able to stand and walk.Starting from pre operative stage till post surgery, he had guided me a lot to keep myself physically and mentally strong.He is such an expert in this area, because of him only I came back to normal life very quickly. Dr. Barun Chakraborti is a God to me, he gave me a new life.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs without any second thought.