Rubai Saha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Jadavpur University

I came to know about Dr. Chakraborti from one of my nieces who had earlier been his patient. She assured me that Dr. Chakraborti is a doctor who has expertise in dealing with critical cases.

Learning from her about Dr. Chakraborti, I consulted him on the very next day. As a person, his behavior was very courteous all throughout. And as a doctor, he examined me thoroughly and came to the conclusion that “hysterectomy” had to be carried out on me as early as possible. He was kind enough to explain me about my ailment and even provided the detailed explanation of the laparoscopic surgery going to be performed.

After surgery, I had not faced any grave problem during the convalescing period.

I strongly feel that he is definitely an expert doctor in his field and also cares to maintain a healthy patient-physician relationship.

I pray to God to keep him in good health so that he can continue to serve humanity as he had been doing.

I offer my deepest gratitude to him.

With thanks and regards to him