Rakhi Das

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is like a god to me. Only for him today I have the opportunity to enjoy the best feeling in the world like being a mother. After seven long years of overcoming many obstacles, today I am able to become a mother only for his treatment. He is truly a very responsible doctor.
Whenever I call him day and night, he picks up the phone and gives me his answer in a nice way without being bothered. One important thing is that I was so scared of Caesar that it might be very painful. But believe me I didn’t realize I had Caesar. I did not have to endure any kind of pain
It’s as if the pain didn’t go away. Dr. Barun Chakraborty is a magician. He is truly the best doctor I have ever met. I pray to God that she may be well and healthy. May her treatment light up every woman’s lap in this way.