I am happy to share my most satisfying treatment gone so far in my life. I came to know about Dr. Barun Chakraborty from my sister-in-law and consulted him as I was facing bleeding problems for a long time. I did not have much good experiences with the treatment received from other doctors visited so far, but this time my view was completely different. From the very 1st day, DR Chakraborty made me feel perfectly comfortable though I had to visit him alone, my husband being out of station. I was diagnosed with bulky uterus carrying a large fibroid of size 56mmx52mmx50mm as well as a small cyst of size 20mmx17mmx13mm in my right ovary. By then, I started relying on DR Chakraborty and believed that I am going to get the best suggestion by the DR and that came true. He suggested me to undergo a total laparoscopic hysterectomy keeping my ovaries in place. I had lots of tension and anxiety while going through the pre-surgery procedures in the hospital, but as soon as I saw the lovely smiling face of DR Chakraborty, I felt totally relaxed and in perfect hands. Now after a month of my surgery, I must admit to say that I am completely relieved of my worries and perfectly fit for EVERYTHING. Thank You DR Chakraborty for being by my side.