Piyali and Abhijit Mozumder

Dr. Barun Chakraborty is God in disguise for us. We met him when I was in a very vulnerable situation. From our first visit he assured us everything is fine and his words actually made relieved. We were very scared as many told us I had a ovarian tumor which had malignancy. But from the moment we met him he guaranteed us there is no malignancy.i was terrified when I was entering the OT. But He calmed me down and the laparoscopic surgery was completed within an hour. He was confident that is was old blood clots and assumed about the no malignancy and within a day I was discharged from BNWCCC. I was confident. His words made me confident. My entire family, my 7 year old daughter, we all are blessed to have met him. He gifted me a new life. He is God for us. Thank you Sir. He is An amazing person and excellent Doctor whose first priority are his patients and making them mentally calm, excellent knowledge about his expertise. Blessed to have met him.
Thank u Sir.