Pallabi Ghosh

My husband and I live in Delhi but Kolkata is our hometown. I was pregnant. I became very sick when I was 19 weeks pregnant. My covid report came negative but my blood report was not good at all and showed symptoms of covid.
Unfortunately the foetus didn’t survive after that. It was then that my cousin suggested me to consult Dr.Barun Chakraborty. I did so. My husband and I decided to come to Kolkata for the foetus expulsion process since we couldn’t trust our doctor in Delhi. I called Dr.Barun Chakraborty and informed him about our decision to fly back to Kolkata and consult him. He was well aware about my risky condition. The night I reached Kolkata, the very next day he gave me an appointment and the procedure happened after that. He assured me and my family that my condition was stable after the procedure was over. He saved my life. My family and I feel indebted to him. The last time my husband and I met him for an appointment he said “Children like you two should stay healthy, this is all I want”. This really touched my heart. Not only is he a great doctor, he is also very patient and kind. Thank you doctor :). Regards.