Laboni De Bhaumik Bhattacharya

I’m a 2nd generation patient of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. Previously my Mom was his patient. She underwent a hysterectomy done by him on 9th Oct 1999. He did it then with such expertise n skillful hands that made us flabaghasted. I too had ovarian fibroids. But with his treatment I underwent a complete hurdleless n clean process of pregnancy n delivering in his miraculous treatment. In fact, he was the one who never let me down n motivated me to be Mother of a child on 1st May 2015,in spite of all health complications n health problems. He is a magician in the guise of a doctor. The best part is never ever confuses or scares his patients. Instead he holds their hands n enlightens the right path, which means he is not just an excellent doctor but also a good human being. He never forced his medical decision but always comes up with exploring new techniques n gives the patient full liberty to decide. He is an extreme believer of new treatment techniques n is always updated with it. Shortly I underwent hysterectomy operation n the magician was present with all his magic. The biggest USP of the doctor is his words. He speaks wonderfully n doesn’t feel tired to answer the stupidest question of his patients. Neither is he a blunt blurred speaker but rather has an extreme good sense of wit n humour. All I can say Doctor that the vocabulary of words are really small to describe your magical treatment. Thank you for all ur help