Dipanwita De

Doctor Barun Chakraborty did my TLH BSO surgery in such a way that within a week I was feeling as if I am back to normal life! This is a magical experience for me. In Kolkata, past experience of my relative helped me to decide that if I go for surgery it would be Dr Barun Chakraborty. At first we were sceptical about going for the surgery but the doctor’s behaviour and explanation of the topic instilled confidence into us and we decided to go for the surgery by Dr Barun Chakraborty. His behaviour is so amicable that I didn’t once hesitate to text or call him at odd hours whenever I felt a little uncomfortable and surprisingly he replied to my messages and when required he would tell me to call him. Doctor Chakraborty has great patience to listen to all foolish questions and once he speaks, you gain complete confidence on quick and smooth recovery.

My great reverence to Doctor!