Bratati Goswami, Baranagar

* It has been a wonderful and a very satisfying experience to be a patient of Dr. Barun Chakraborty. He was very cooperative during my pregnancy. I was stationed at Asansol till the 9 th month of my pregnancy. But he was constantly in touch with over phone and emails. He responded to all my queries immediately over phone and emails. He was very supportive for a normal delivery. However, since I didn’t have labour pains, we had to go for a caesarean section. But I felt that the C-Section was much comfortable than normal delivery. I could walk upstairs and downstairs, the same evening, i was operated. Morever, I was released from the hospital within 48 hrs. I was home with my baby fit and fine to take care of her. Thanks to Dr. Barun Chakraborty.