Two days ago my doctor told me that I have an 8cm long, 4cm tall, 6cm wide fibroid. What’s most bizarre about this growth is that it isn’t in the uterine lining or in the uterus, but it’s attached to the outer part of my uterus by a stalk. I am going for more tests to monitor it, and am quite freaked out by this stalk (medical term is “pedunculated”)

  • Pedunculated fibroids are not as common as ones in the main uterine muscle but in a way they are less of a problem. The fibroid is a benign muscle growth, usually one cell that has just replicated itself over and over. It’s not a malignant or invasive process although sometimes they can grow quite big. The pedunculated ones generally do not cause abnormal bleeding because they are remote from the uterine lining sloughed each month during menses. The pedunculated ones can occasionally twist (torsion) and cause severe pain. For the most part though, they don’t usually produce many symptoms unless they are big enough to just cause abdominal fullness like a pregnancy feeling. A fibroid the size you describe may well be able to be removed laparoscopically alone or laparoscopically with a vaginal incision to deliver the fibroid rather than a major abdominal incision.