Arka Prabha De

Our experience with Dr. Barun Chakraborty was extremely satisfactory. He is so approachable and humble that we didn’t find any difficulty in time of need. My mother, 63+, had an ovarian dermoid cyst measuring 10×9.5x7cm detected in early 2021. But she was afraid to go for open surgery. So in 2022 November we went to Dr. Barun Chakraborty and he suggested that laparoscopic operation can be done. On the day of operation situation became critical as she was diagnosed with COPD and sleep apnea with O2 saturation in blood was 38% and CO2 was 58% although pH was absolute neutral. So Our doctor quickly guided us to shift to Manipal hospital Kolkata and with local anaesthetia he operated my mother. After interacting with him,my mother also had generated immense faith in him and was not afraid to go for open surgery as laparoscopic operation was not suitable for her. And then after 3 days she was released and recovered. We don’t have words to express our gratitude. He is a gem of a person. Thank you Doctor.